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Wait, loss: Zaggora changes game as it pertains to fitness apparel

Ask any would be exerciser or gym goer if they'd like safe, realistic help to reach any or all of their goals, and the answer almost always would be a resounding "yes."
But what exactly is considered help these days when it comes to losing weight and burning calories? Fitness and diet is the one genre that often carries with it more skepticism and scattered results versus claims that actually become reality. So when an aspiring, would be weight loss person finds something that works, they latch on to it for life.
And that is how Zaggora and their litany of renowned fitness apparel was born.
Zaggora started all the way back in 2008 when owner Dessi Bell was getting married. She became disheartened and confused with the amount of information on how to eat or how to get in shape. That feeling isn't exclusive to just Bell as most consumers can't differentiate between what's good and bad on the market.
"I told myself I had one week and put myself through hell (in preparation for wedding). I spent three years doing research after that and what was best in the industry and the latest trend," Bell said. "We launched in July 2011, and when we launched we knew women were very jaded with beauty and weight loss and products that always promise changed."

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Zaggora aims to eliminate the guess work and falsities when it comes to weight loss and exercise, as well as usurping the feeling that every product only is interested in generating a profit in lieu of actually working.
Women make up most of the clientele of Zaggora, and their focus remains on women, and helping you get fit faster, although they also offer clothing for men.
In addition, Bell wanted Zaggora to not only offer a product that was loved and lauded but also to create a community to help customers feel as though the company actually cared. It cultivated a mindset that customers are permitted to speak up about any and all things associated with Zaggora.
"We created a Facebook page, and gave away 500 products to bloggers to help the marketing of the product. We were confident the product was very effective, and it got great feedback."
What happened was nothing short of remarkable to outsider eyes as far as how the product grew, but for Bell and Zaggora it created the kind of interaction they wanted and in a big way.
"We have 530,000 Facebook fans in addition to 30,000 Twitter follows and a community that is 600,000 women online," Bell said.
Those numbers certainly rank as impressive, but the real amazement comes from the technology, neoprene specifically, that is used in Zaggora's products. Plenty of items on the web site could easily be described as wildly popular but effectiveness and results when it comes to fitness and weight loss is the real tell tale sign.
And Zaggora has that part down pat.
"The technology works by generating heat when you exercise," Bell says. "The more heat you have, you switch to another gear and burn more calories. Your body is working harder to cool down, and clinical (studies) show that is the case."
Bell is quick to point to those clinical studies, in addition to feedback from consumers, that Zaggora hardly is smoke and mirrors but has science and technology in its favor.
"We had the clinical studies done in the United States and the United Kingdom, and 94% say they had a better workout with than without."
What is truly attractive about Zaggora over and above how it looks, feels and works is its universal appeal to the masses. Associating weight loss with only the overweight or obese crowd is normal, but even those who would describe themselves as fit and active still struggle to lose that last few pesky pounds.
Zaggora fills that void nicely as a product that puts them over the proverbial weight loss hump.
New exercisers also may be more inclined to find an old pair of sweats, beat up sneakers or shoes and a ratty old T shirt as their exercise gear of choice. That mindset is common with the exercise novice, but Bell insists that how you look on your fitness journey translates into the amount of effort put forth.
"How you look plays into how you feel, and how motivated you are to be active," Bell said. "For us, when you look at our customers and they put on our products, they have an instant compression look and feel. You just look better, and you're motivated to exercise and look even better."
And what about the aforementioned baggy sweats?
"The person with the old T shirt and baggy pants; you will get more out of your time to wear something to look even better and achieve great."
Greatness is something, even a first, initial glance, Zaggora cares deeply about in regard to the quality, durability and potency with all their products. The company is refreshing in that they wholeheartedly value their customers and appear satisfied only when they're offering the very best in fitness apparel and products.
"We are the undisputed market leader," Bell says. "The idea for neoprene based products isn't new, but we are the only ones with clinical studies and are the product leader in our space."
"There are always imitators, and that's the sincerest form of flattery. We care less about competition, and instead really listen to customers and that's how we gauge and grow our business."


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