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College bound: Why your degree isn't always a ticket to financial prominence

It's the time of year when prospective graduates begin preparing for graduation itself but also contemplating exactly what they'll be doing once school is out in terms of embarking on a career and ultimately finding a job that will meet their standards.
Unfortunately, the standards of the students and what is actually out there hardly run parallel.
The disconnect is hard to pinpoint but certain general observations can be mitigated and conclusions drawn.
For starters, college carries a tremendous financial burden in the form of paying back student loans, and increase in tuition and housing primarily have only served to increase that cost. The issue that creates comes only after you've earned your degree, and the job market, specifically your would be annual salary, doesn't come close to meeting your money needs, much less taking a serious chunk out of those student loans.
The revelation only is compounded when it runs head first into frustration that looms large over the actual job hunt. The feeling of wanting to get out into the working world, conquer all and truly make your mark is the kind of optimism that college typically infuses into its students, but those universities and schools often fail to underscore that positive tone with the realistic sentiment that the perfect job right out of school might not happen.

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Truthfully, some college graduates aren't even capable of scoring a job in their field of study.
Knowing that up front is the kind of businesses deal between college and student is sorely missing as part of the curriculum. That isn't to suggest that colleges should include a reality check of sorts as part of their campus tour for freshman that includes telling them that their money is perfectly fine at this establishment but don't expect to make more than $10 per hour initially after you graduate.
That isn't the overt and harsh commentary college students want to hear but it is hard to argue that a little bit of reality when it comes to their careers after school isn't at least warranted. These students may not want to hear the truth, but they'll ultimately appreciate it.
No one wants to have their hopes and dreams dashed before they finish school, but leading them to believe the grass is always greener on the other side won't do them any good either moving forward.

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