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Eyes wide open: The 4K TV is all the rage and with good reason

If you've ever sat back and marveled at just how amazingly clear your television screen truly is, then you haven't seen anything yet.
The 4K television is gaining momentum as being a legitimate game changer when it comes to your viewing experience, more specifically taking an already remarkable, high definition television picture and somehow making it even clearer.
The flat screen, HD television essentially rendered your tube television as obsolete as a flip phone, and you have to wonder if the 4K television might do the same to today's flat screen market. That's probably years away, and assuming that the entire consumer base is going to swap a perfectly capable HD TV in for a 4K isn't realistic.
Most likely, the 4K TV will follow a similar trajectory of its HD, LCD predecessor in that the initial surge will be decent, and eventually the masses will follow suit, and everyone at some point will own a 4K TV.
A few things are worthwhile discussion points as far as what could hold the 4K TV back from being a household electronic sooner than later. The cost still is relatively tough to justify, and the 4K TV doesn't necessarily come in "small," as most screen are at minimum 60 inches.

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That could prove a difficult sell for those individuals and families that barely have room in their house, townhouse or apartment for a couch in their living room, much less a television that measures five feet from corner to corner.
Just because you may not be able to afford the 4K TV or have room for it even doesn't mean you still can't enjoy what it brings to the table.
The 4K, also known as Ultra HD, delivers four times the resolution of the current HD television model, a fact that is hard to fathom given that you're undoubtedly still in awe of the television you already own. Content is starting to come together nicely as well for the 4K televisions as well, with Netflix and YouTube being two players already experimenting with the technology, with more to follow for sure.
As more content is pieced together and the price starts to slowly but surely trickle down into the range that will have universal appeal, it's hard to imagine the 4K television not taking over in the near future. Price and content not withstanding, the technology and visually stunning aspect of the 4K television is enough to get plenty of eyes initially on this new product, and even prompting the segment of the market that can't afford one at the moment to at least ponder this potential purchase.
And that's the mark of a product or ingenuity that is a game changer in its particular field, and the 4K television fits that bill to the tee.

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