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Apartment complex: Finding right rental can be just as taxing as buying home

Finding the perfect house is arguably difficult. But what about when you've opted to rent an apartment or townhouse?
Is renting really any easier than buying?
Renting might not carry with it the financial acumen and burden of buying a home, but choosing wrong when it comes to an apartment or townhouse can be equally annoying and troublesome for the would be renter.
Granted, an apartment doesn't carry a 15 or 30 year mortgage with it, but if you're looking at renting as more of a whimsical decision, then you're going to end up picking wrong and regretting it if you've signed a lease that isn't month to month.
For example, if you're a person who truly values their quiet time, you might want to stay away from rental units that are grouped tightly together or ones that have a close proximity to a major highway. That could spell sleepless nights for the better part of that long term lease. The bigger picture beyond sound control is checking out the entire surrounding neighborhood as you contemplate your next rental move. If you're the type of person that likes a walkable neighborhood, one littered with eateries or small retail shops, make that a priority on your list of places.

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Far too often, renters settle on something much less inviting and rush into a rash decision without truly examining the property in question or only taking a "it's only a rental" mentality to the table.
In addition to the living space itself, you should really get a sense of who the landlord is, how he comes across in discussions and if he's really someone that seems understanding, compassionate and kind. These attributes are paramount given that you'll be handing him a sizable rent check every month, and you actually would like to have a decent relationship with this person. That back and forth, affable banter makes dealing with your landlord an easier endeavor, especially if you're in the midst of a matter that will delay your rent check a few days. No landlord is going to love the idea of always getting a late rent check, but once or twice shouldn't be a deal breaker.
For the landlords you love to hate, they'll make your rental period a nightmare, and no one should have to put up with a landlord that isn't at least a little understanding.
Long time renters would agree that buying just isn't up their alley, and renting is hardly throwing money away every month. You have the freedom to not worry about home repairs, taxes or a large mortgage payment, but just because the large scale, big ticket items aren't on the docket doesn't mean this decision should be entered into lightly.

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