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Bar none: Protein bars often packed with more bad than good

Everyone has been in a position when they're hungry, but don't have the comfort of their own home surrounding them and their kitchen and refrigerator are miles away.
Fast forward to standing in front of a sea of protein and cereal bars, all of which sound like safe choices in comparison to candy bars, potato chips or a packaged sandwich. That sentiment rings true but only if you actually make a choice that is sensible, smart yet still serve the purpose of curbing their hunger.
Protein and cereal bars often masquerade as healthy when the majority of them, however, are filled with unwanted calories and fat. That fact often is overlooked since these would be delectable bars are dubbed as healthy or packed full of protein, thus giving the customer the sense that they're ingesting something as good for them as an apple.
Most of that is marketing and just using the word "protein" shouldn't be enough to placate the general public but often that's all it takes. The real issue when it comes to protein and cereal bars centers on the consumer understanding that they're all not created equal, and it is up to the person making the purchase to not pay as much attention to the cartoon fruit and savvy rhetoric on the front of the packing and remain focused on the flip side of the protein bar in question.
The nutritional label truly is the gateway to gauging if you should even be considering the protein bar you have in your hungry hands at the moment. Two of the more important stats you want to look closer at is the fat content and the number of calories each bar has, especially the protein ones. Cereal bars often are loaded with excess sugar that is close to or equivalent to a candy bar or doughnut but again it's about how they're marketed, using words like "real fruit" to lure customers into thinking they're eating healthy.

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When you're perusing protein bars, the calorie count on these colossal snacks can be killers, along with plenty of fat and sugar. Often protein bars are made for heavy duty exercisers that burn thousands of calories during any given workout, but the average Joe just can't justify eating bar with more calories in it than a Big Mac.
The idea of snacking is portion control and the small meal concept. Just because the bar is small doesn't mean it isn't packed with ingredients you simply don't want.
Or the ones that you can't afford to have.

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