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Passer buy: House upgrades can do more harm than good

Even in 2014, buying a house still is a big deal.
Owning a home should be viewed as not only a privilege but a decision that requires your full attention, and shouldn't be entered into lightly. You have to make sure you ultimately like your would be house and fits your needs across the board.
If you own three cars, you probably want to pass on the off street parking home. If you have four children, the one bedroom option goes right out the proverbial window.
That's why choosing the house of your dreams could conceivably turn into a nightmare if you're not looking a little closer than just a passing glance. The current home owner also plays a large hand into how their house is perceived, and often the so called upgrades that they've done to the home turn into turn offs for the would be buyer.
One glaring example would be home owners that don't value their garage to the point that they transform into anything from a playroom, "man cave" or exercise studio, complete with new flooring or carpeting that renders the garage useless.

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That's typically a misstep that most buyers aren't interested in seeing, especially since parking often is viewed as a premium when it comes to selecting the right home. Having to park on the street hardly is a deal breaker, but a garage adds value and getting rid of it means less dollars in the sellers' pockets.
Another upgrade of sorts that is terribly baffling to the naked eye is taking beautiful hardwood floors or expensive tiles and either adding some sort of bad, hideous carpeting or using a cheaper flooring to fix the hardwood that might be damaged. Hardwood has a clean, sleek feel to it, and carper often reeks havoc with allergies, pets and cleanliness, just to name a few. You'll have some buyers who turn up their nose at hardwood floors, but not many so getting rid of it will shrink your clientele of potential buyers.
Beauty, in terms of houses, truly is in the eye of the beholder so a home owner changing a few rooms here and there might have seemed like a good idea at the moment. Those changes are fine if you plan on shacking up for the next 30 or 40 years, but if you have any inclination of selling any time soon, you might want to think well before act as far as remodeling is concerned.

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