Game buoyed: Is it time for everyone to abandon the sinking Nintendo ship?

05/16/14 by Mike Catania

Once heralded as an innovator in its field, Nintendo is struggling to stay super.
The video game giant is having a hard time staying relevant, and that act is supported by its financial difficulties over the past few years, and failure to keep pace with PlayStation and Xbox as far as longevity is concerned.
The Nintendo Wii did well but is nowhere near the level of the aforementioned gaming systems in terms of popularity and overall sales. The Wii struck a chord initially with its interactive game play but consumers apparently could only take so much bowling, tennis and boxing on the console and decided it was too difficult or annoying to play their favorite games through this gaming system, and instead sought shelter and sales elsewhere.

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Nintendo and their aptly titled Nintendo DS also was met with relatively strong sales, but you have to think that the downfall of the DS is the arrival of cell phones and tablets that have gaming capabilities with better screen resolution and perhaps come cheaper through various app stores.
The most recent Nintendo information is hardly encouraging as the president of the company, Satoru Iwata, announced that the company lost money for the third straight year, hardly the sign of a frontrunner in their field or an organization on the cusp of breaking out of their slump.
But Iwata strongly suggests that the Nintendo brand will get the much needed makeover and inspiration it desperately needs.
Has the proverbial ship already sailed for Nintendo, and is it too late to save the fledgling video game flagship?
Chance are, Nintendo, its president and those who work within the company have already started tossing ideas off the wall and hoping that something sticks. They're talking about perhaps turning the Wii into more of a modern day platform system, one that works like PlayStation and Xbox with streaming and sharing capabilities.
That revelation hardly is such, as that "news" is more like Nintendo trying to play catch up with its competition more than reinventing their image or coming to the table with something new, groundbreaking or unprecedented.
Nintendo also is looking into integrating with smart phones and tablets, but even that info hardly resonates with consumers and feels as though it should have been announced quite some time ago.
But alas, Nintendo still has name value left, and that could equate to picking up some much need steam and publicity with whatever they do. Let's hope that the Super Mario and the cast of Nintendo characters have more than just the status quo left up their sleeve.
Otherwise, the Nintendo trajectory will continue its downward spiral.

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