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Cable bull: Do you really believe canceling cable will help budget?

Any individual or family will tell you that money often is a topic of conversation within the household to the point that cutting costs knows no boundaries.
And that, unfortunately, includes cable television, internet and phone service, known affectionately as the "bundle." Your cable bill might be a source of financial woes or you, especially when you're shelling out $2500 per year and can't seem to justify why or figure out if you're actually using the service to their fullest ability.
Cable and internet often find themselves in the budgeting cross hairs when it comes time to start cutting expenses, but if you take a long, hard look at exactly what you're paying versus the alternative, you might question if that logic is sound or simply knee jerk in nature.
As much as the would be former cable television subscriber tells anyone who will listen just how much they hate cable and they're going to cut the cord for good, that simply isn't happening on a regular basis. Perhaps the consumer got wise to the fact that canceling cable or at least keeping it in some form or fashion isn't realistic, when you pair it with other streaming services.
Let's say your cable bill is costing you about $150 per month, and that includes phone, internet and cable television, but you want to ditch the phone, go as minimal as you can on the cable, and keep your internet service. The internet on its own probably will cost you about $60-70, and even basic cable is about $20 per month (and that's mainly just the network). At that point, you're at about $90, so you're saving about $60 per month, factoring in your equipment rentals from the cable company like modems, routers or HD, DVR boxes.

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That $60 might be then used to buy into Netflix, WWE Network, MLB Network or Hulu, all of which carry about a $10-20 price tag with them. Remember, you canceled your cable, so watching movies, wrestling, sports or television shows might be a little difficult with the current package you have. If you buy into the four aforementioned streaming services, your monthly "cable" slash entertainment bill is right about what you were paying previously, with little margin or savings after everything has been added up.
That's most likely why cable television or satellite for that matter hardly is sweating the notion that they're business is in immediate danger. If you truly want to work the cable and satellite system, you might want to use competitors in your area against one another for the lowest bill possible. If you call your current provider and tell them you're price shopping, they might suddenly find a better rate for you. Call it manipulation if you'd like, but it is just savvy shopping at its finest.
And if you take that route, you can keep your cable and just a little bit of your sanity so you're not bouncing back and forth between providers.

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