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Up and away: Your fitness goals exist even without equipment

Struggling to find time to go to the gym isn't anything new, and even those who are members to countless gyms continually pay those monthly fees but are virtual ghosts within the walls of their health clubs.
The perception of getting in shape often is directly related to spending countless hours on bulky machines, running on treadmills or lifting weights until you essentially pass out. When would be exercisers can't fulfill those unrealistic goals, they simply opt to stop the workouts cold turkey and revert back to their idle ways, and hit the couch for the foreseeable future.
But, it doesn't have to be this way. In fact, some fitness buffs and trainers alike will tell you privately that you can sculpt the body you want without the memberships to gyms or equipment over your own that costs thousands of dollars.
The reason they aren't going to climb to the proverbial rooftops to tell you just how easy fitness can be is that would take what they do and render it moot. Truthfully, two exercises alone can get you fit with relative ease and you don't need anything except your own body weight.
Say hello to your best fitness friends: the pushup and situp.

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Provided you keep your diet relatively key, which is paramount no matter how much you exercise, implementing a daily dose of pushups and situps could serve as the catalyst from flab to fab you've been searching for since you started your fitness endeavor.
Pushups often are overlooked as nothing more than an accent exercise that compliments a chest workout. Realistically, pushups work not only your chest but also your biceps, triceps, back and upper shoulders. You might say that pushups are the working man or woman's version of the circuit training, a process of using one machine, then moving on to another.
As far as the situp, no one has ever joined a gym and didn't have expectations to get rid of their gut and have a flatter, toned stomach. The situp is quite the at home revelation when it comes to fitness, since you can do a full situp or modify it to include a full blown crunch (pulling your head and chin as you bring your knees up). The bicycle crunch also works wonders for your oblique muscles as you rotate your elbows to the opposite knee and continue accordingly.
NFL legend Herschel Walker once commented during his playing days that he never lifted a single weight, and instead was blessed with amazing speed and only used the pushup and situp as his regimen of choice. Walker was one of the more unstoppable running backs in the NFL, and he started a trend of body weight training that is renowned today.
Plenty of noteworthy fitness entities, P90x comes to mind immediately, promise to give you a long, lean and muscular body with nothing more than your own body weight as the platform. Those programs mostly deliver results as advertised, but they also have to thank the pushup and situp for paving the way as the original body weight exercises.

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