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Paint by numbers: Easy house upgrades make spring cleaning simple

Spring has arrived, and millions of Americans are spending weekends cleaning their homes from head to toe.
If you look closely as you drive through your surrounding neighborhoods, you'll see anything from window washing on ladders to boxes upon boxes stacked outside as the basement, attic or spare room suggesting that spring cleaning is more than just a few laps around the living room with the vacuum cleaner.
In addition to the cleaning, spring often sparks interest from home owners to upgrade their homes with projects that go beyond buying Windex or throwing away old books or magazines. But alas, not everyone falls into the category of an expert or even competent when it comes to do it yourself. That's when the majority of home owners turn to ask for help when it comes to upgrading their house or attempt to find fixes that even the most novice of would be handy men and women can handle.
First on that list is painting, an endeavor that most everyone assume they can handle on their own. That sentiment seems realistic, but only if you're ceiling are modest as far as height and you aren't tackling the entire house. Painting and subsequent products have afforded the home owner the ability to mix and match colors and actually complete the job without splattering paint or their dreams and aspirations of a newly remodeled room as far as color scheme goes.
From inside to outside, landscaping is much like the outdoor version of painting in that everyone feels that it's something that can do. Most of the time, that mentality makes perfect sense. Mulch or river rocks by the bags, coupled with a five gallon bucket, rake and shovel, can easily transform your drab outdoor area into something sizzling for summer.

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Even if your backyard is huge or your front porch is positively enormous, you still can find a friend with a pickup truck or even hire a service to deliver your outside accent pieces by the bulk. You can spread the mulch or rocks yourself, and save money in the process.
Smaller, albeit just as significant, changes you can make could be anything from adding fresh flowers and subsequent color to a bedroom, adding a colorful accent chair to a bedroom or simply changing light switch panels in every room or just buying new everything new or the bathrooms (shower curtains, mats and even the always important tooth brush holder).
And while you're changing the little things, how about those tired fixtures in the kitchen? No, not remodeling the entire space or stripping cabinets of their stain but rather swapping old handles for something more eye catching.
Not every remodel needs to be overseen by a professional. There's nothing wrong with you taking on spring upgrades with total vigor, just as long as they're not too much for you to handle.

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