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Baby's day out: Summer holds hidden dangers for babies and toddlers

Summer isn't far off, and that means plenty of moms and dads will be in the midst of planning trips and getaways that include packing up more than just their swimsuits and beach towels.
Vacations often confront parents with the vexing notion of keeping their kids safe and secure during the trip itself, whether you're talking about strapping them into a car seat or making sure they're protected adequately from the sunshine.
Young children, toddlers and babies have skin that is particular prone to burning, so whether parents are simply setting up the pool in the backyard or have aspirations to hit the beach during the hottest months of the year, preparation before heading outside is paramount.
Sunscreen obviously comes to mind immediately when you think about kids and keeping them safe from the potent UV rays put forth by the sun. Most moms and dads are aware enough to pack sunscreen for that beach trip or make sure that their toddlers and babies aren't poolside without being totally lathered up in sunscreen. What parents may overlook are the specifics of the sunscreen or, on the opposite end of the spectrum, tend to overspend on sunscreen when that really isn't necessary.
As for the specifics, a few keys for parents to consider are ensuring that the sunscreen is waterproof, hypoallergenic, and protects says right on the label that it protects against UVA and UVB rays. As for the SPF, the best recommendation is something around 30 or so. Parents may want to buy SPF 50 just to be safe, even though the effects of 30 versus 50 is debatable, as some sun protection purists believe that the difference between the two is moderate at best.

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The reasoning behind hypoallergenic sunscreen once again centers on babies having incredibly sensitive skin. The last thing parents want to do is protect their kids from the sun but have them break out in a terrible rash ironically thanks to sunscreen that is too harsh.
Clothing also is key, and companies like UV Skinz takes sun protection seriously or adults and children with products and items created specifically to help combat the sun and their harmful rays. UV Skinz offers an array of clothing that is equal parts practical and fashionable, given that the garments were designed to include UV protection within the fabric.
Protecting kids from the sun goes far beyond just swimming, strolling on the beach or taking a leisurely walk in the park in July. Heat stroke as it pertains to children also plays a role in child protection in the summer months, specifically making sure babies aren't put in the position of being strapped in a hot car accidentally.
As inane as that action sounds, it still happens in the summer months. The ChildMinder Soft Clip attempts to end this unfortunate situation for good with its two fold product that clips to both the babies car seat and the key chain of the parents. The key chain part beeps if the parent is more than 15 feet away from the car seat, alerting mom or dad immediately to remedy what's happening.
Summer should always be associated with fun, the outdoors and soaking up as much relaxation time as possible, but that mentality shouldn't be devoid of competent, cognizant thinking when it comes to babies and toddlers as it relates to the sun specifically.
Between products and clothing that encourage sun protection, parents have plenty of allies and options to ensure that summer is enjoyable for all parties involved.

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