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Slump day: Is there such a thing as healthier days?

For those of you who eat healthy all day, every day, you probably wouldn't be able to wrap your arms around the notion of certain days of the week being healthier than others.
But the majority of people struggle with their diet on a regular basis, even if that same group always has the best possible intentions. While their brain is telling them that to order a grilled chicken salad, they're already in the midst of ordering dessert before the main course arrives.
This practice hardly is anything new and often resembles the eating routines of the masses. Even if eating right isn't high on your priority list, studies have suggested that not all seven days of the week are marred by massive amounts of fried foods, poor meals or a lack of exercise. The exercised and eating challenged segment of the population point toward Monday mostly as being the day when they really work hard to find food that is healthy or steer their car in the direction of the gym to hit the weights, treadmills or take part in an exercise class or two.
There are plenty of reasons why Monday is viewed as the main course of turning around your poor diet and exercise habits, most of which centers on what you've been doing, or not doing, for the last 48 hours. The weekend typically is the two day window where most of you eat or drink whatever you want and rarely even think about hitting the gym or having your neighborhood health club on your mind.
Even the health conscious tend to point toward Saturday and Sunday as "days off" or "cheat days" when it comes to diet and exercise, suggesting that since they're working so hard on their fitness during the week that the weekend is their time to pillage and plunder every plate of food put under their nose.

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So when Monday rolls around, both the fit and not so fit segments of people start to really think about how they can change their habits for the better. Certain facts seem to support the notion that Monday is day of new beginnings as far as changing how you eat or exercise.
Ask any health club manager or gym employee when they get the most new members to join or see a spike in attendance, and typically the answer always comes back the same: Mondays. Once again, that plays into the need for men and women to put the debauchery that was the weekend behind them or use Monday as the fitness fresh start they so desperately need.
Those same health club employees will tell you that their attendance tends to dip generally speaking as the week progresses, suggesting that the rigors of the work week and stress that accompanies daily routines tends to wear on their clientele, which certainly seems plausible if not outright factual when you look at attendance numbers.
That's why Monday is so coveted by not only gyms and health clubs across the country but also people who see this day as a do over of sorts or the idea that they can start new without even mentioning their past eating and exercising discretion.

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