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Dropped call: Are some cell phone accessories worth skipping?

From a plethora of cases to enough ear bud choices to make your head spin, the cell phone accessories business is arguably just as lucrative as the phones themselves.
Much like any marketplace, however, the cell phone accessory business is equal parts big and riddled with skepticism as it relates to durability and necessity.
Certain accessories seem worthwhile, while others can be pinpointed as peculiar and seemingly a waste of effort on the part of the manufacturer and money spent by the consumer.
Easily the most purchased cell phone accessory is the case, and with so many to choose from it's hard to make an informed decision. That said, the case almost always is the one accessory you can't afford not to have, particularly if you've opted out of insurance for the phone itself.
Ironically, you can forgo one accessory with the purchase of the right case. If you're case shopping, the best advice is to not go cheap but rather invest in a case that isn't a simple rubber sleeve or cheap plastic model. You want a case that is more than just sturdy but rather carries a moniker of unbreakable or waterproof. Most of these cases will have a clear front to cover and protect your screen, thus making screen protectors a moot point. That, in turn, will save you from having to buy yet another cell phone accessory.

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And speaking of cell phone accessories you don't need, steer clear of the inane stylus pens or touch screen gloves. Neither of these would be deemed pertinent or, quite frankly, useful. The gloves especially are totally worth passing on given that your fingertips work just fine and it's easy to wipe off those dreaded fingerprints as a result of using your phone. The stylus pen is fine if it's included with the phone but hardly would be deemed as needed.
Keeping your phone charged often is a concern of most cell phone users, which has given way to portable chargers. This technology, however, leaves plenty to be desired as most portable chargers are clunky and cumbersome, even though they technically do their job. A safer bet would be to have a car charger or your own standard charger nearby or, if you're going to invest in a portable charger, to make sure you buy one that looks more like a USB drive rather than a device that is larger than the actual phone.
Like any particular set of products, cell phone accessories have plenty of good options but also showcase some that leave you scratching your heads since they'd hardly be considered paramount to own. Cell phone accessories is a flooded marketplace and if you're not paying close attention what you're buying or its functionality, you can easily find yourself wading through far too many useless items.

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