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Short comings: Why men and shorts often don't mix

Summer is just about here, and that means men will begin ditching the long pants and jeans for something a little cooler, but only as far as temperature goes.
Sadly, some guys hardly are chic or current with their attire and just don't have a clue when it comes to wearing shorts correctly, instead opting for practicality and functionality versus actually adopting a modicum of common sense when it comes to fashion.
Shorts can be a tough look or any guy to pull off, especially if you're not too happy with your chicken legs or have leg hair that looks long enough to comb. But despite how your legs look in a pair of shorts, men still gravitate toward them in the summer because they're comfortable.
Guys probably remember more than their fair share of barbeques or cook outs that saw their fathers donning khaki or jean shorts that either were too tight or too high in the waist and often were paired with tall tube socks and sneakers that looked terribly out of place.
Let's just say not much has changed in the past 20 years, and jean shorts should be worn cautiously if at all. If you absolutely must opt for jean shorts versus traditional cargo or khakis then make sure they're the right size. Anything too tight or appearing to be painted on should seriously be reevaluated before you leave the house.

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The real travesty for guys when it comes to shorts, however, is wearing ones that are too short. The general rule of thumb for men is to purchase shorts that, at the very least, tough the top part of your knee when you're wearing them appropriately around your waist. Anything shorted shouldn't even be considered a realistic option. Take a quick look in the mirror, and if your entire knee cap in showing, you'd be wise to think again about your clothing option.
Color or style don't have quite the same set of rules as length, but you should save the plaid shorts for the golf course and stick with solid color just to be safe. If you're in a position that you'll have to wear shorts for a work function or will be wearing them in front of your superiors at the office or co workers, you should stick with the clean, cut flat front shorts, and eliminate the pleated and forgo the cargo look with multiple pockets.
Save the cargo or Army style shorts for a hiking trip, and you certainly don't want to wear running shorts, either. In other words, specific shorts are made for specific events, and you should keep it that way.
As far as the basic rules, stick to proper length and when it doubt, keep the summer shorts simple.

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