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Heat stoked: Celsius changes perception of energy drinks

Exercise, fitness and diet are filled with fads and false claims. So when consumers hear about an functional energy beverage, Celsius, that carries the moniker of "negative calorie burning," chances are skepticism might creep into the forefront of their thoughts.
In other words, a drink like that sounds too good to be true, right?
"The words negative calorie certainly grabs your attention," says Gerry David, CEO of Celsius. "You tell people you can burn 100 calories or more, and they've never heard that before. What we have to do in our marketing is be educational and straightforward."
That sentiment from David specifically and Celsius as a whole is what makes this functional energy drink and its marketing far more than idle rhetoric or false claims being spewed for the sake of making a profit.
Sure, Celsius can talk about all of its accolades, namely being a top selling beverage around the world in grocery stores, retail chains such as GNC and Vitamin Shoppe and at health clubs like 24 Hour Fitness.

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But Celsius' true sales pitch is rooted in research and paying particular attention to the feedback from its customers, both of which are aspects of an entity that shows credibility and confidence in what they do.
"There is no other product like it on the market," David says. "Our studies are published in major scientific journals. We've actually, over the past few years in California, had our claims challenged and those who did lost every time."
Plenty of attributes and characteristics set Celsius apart from other energy drinks, namely the flavor, ingredients and how the founders of the company, Steve and Janice Haley, took time to come up with a formula that helps customers burn calories as a result of drinking the product.
"The product was originated nine years ago by Steve and Janice, and they immediately had the first study done to validate the concept of the negative calorie drink, and the study proved to be correct," David recalls.
That initial study cemented Celsius as more than just an energy drink but rather a realistic beverage alternative that isn't filled with artificial colors or ingredients, aspartame, tons of sugar or high fructose corn syrup, all of which are staples in traditional, low calories energy drinks. Celsius also points to studies done after the initial one that show how it also helps customers burn calories.
"The product has 10 calories in it, and six published studies take the science to another level," David says. "You burn 100 calories per serving. We are the first and only negative calorie drink but that's not the only feature of the product. The product provides significant burning of body fat."
David points to one study in particular, done at the University of Oklahoma.
"The study showed that in a 10 week period of time that people who did the same, light regiment of working out every day, and the ones who also drank a single can of Celsius every day actually burned 93% more body fat, and that's the only thing they did differently."
The studies and factual proof that show the potency and results put forth by Celsius certainly set the drink head and shoulders above other products in the marketplace. It also doesn't hurt that Celsius sports some delectable flavors including Peach Mango, Orange Wild Berry, Raspberry Acai and Cola, tastes remarkable and is devoid of the post energy drink crash that typically is associated with most beverages of this ilk.
"The product is a healthy product," David says. "It has green tea, ginger, Vitamin C and guarana. In seven university studies done, there was a safety component on each one and no adverse affects were experienced by any participants, who all had their blood pressure, heart rate and other vitals measured. Even after millions of units sold, there's never been an adverse affect reported."
That fact alone should resonate with consumers who have watched negative headlines pop up about other energy drinks such as Monster. The main complaint centers on not only the proverbial crash but also links other energy drinks to ill effects like heart palpitations and even chest pains.
You won't find that with Celsius.
"Regular Monster has 32 teaspoons of sugar. Most people get spike and crash after. With our product, it's a nice, clean energy that lasts for three hours. No jitters, spike or crash with Celsius," David says.
"It's a good healthy energy."
And, after all, isn't that the best kind?
For Celsius, it's the only kind of energy they believe in when it comes to their products.

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