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Dogging it: Are you doing a disservice with the dog food you're buying?

If your dogs truly are your best friends, wouldn't it make sense for you to actually care about the kind of food you're serving them?
That's food for thought for some owners, who undoubtedly love, respect and would do anything for their dog but don't put much emphasis on the kind of food they're dishing out from bag to bowl on a daily basis.
Some of the more studious and educated dog owners will argue you tooth and nail that the food brand name or price tag matters little, and they'll go by what their dog likes first and foremost. This group of owners isn't afraid to tell other dog lovers that they'll hate themselves in the morning after spending double or triple on a bag or can of dog food when the generic or lesser expensive version works just as well.
That mentality might fly for Fido, since they really don't have much say in the food they're eating. It's not as if your dog can hop in the car and really take a long, hard look at the pet aisle in the grocery store and determine the best option before they settle on a buying decision.
The safe option as far as buying dog food and weighing price is not being afraid to spend a little more for the sake of your dog and their digestive system. Animal experts and owners alike can agree that going too cheap with your dog food isn't a smart solution to saving money. Much like the food ingested by men, women and children, dog food also is filled with plenty of fillers and unenviable ingredients that you really should avoid. Unfortunately, those who choose to buy dog food based on price along probably aren't reading the ingredients or nutritional labels line by line.

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Owners absolutely adore their dogs, so they'd be wise to think twice about foods that bear the words "animal fat" or "by products" on the back of the can or bag. Instead, search out foods that include high protein or whole grains, the same way you would if you were the one buying that steak from the butcher or determining which loaf of bread you should buy.
You'll often hear yourself refer to your dog as "part of the family," so why exactly shouldn't they eat that way, too? The next time you consider what you're feeding your dog, imagine that their bowl is next to you while you're eating and consider if you really believe what they're about to scarf down is worth being perched on top of your table.

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