4 things you should never do at a wedding as a guest

05/24/14 by Jackie Russo

Wedding season is upon us all, and that means the planning and pensive thoughts from the would be bridge and groom, but that doesn't mean they won't sweat out the actual day in the hopes that all goes as planned.
One of the more intriguing variables on wedding day are the guests themselves, more specifically whether the majority of them will refrain from making day more about their antics than what's happening between husband and wife.
Of course, every wedding has its share of party animals but not all the wedding no nos fall on the shoulders of this group. Sure, you'll want to keep an eye out for anyone who looks like Vince Vaughn or Owen Wilson from Wedding Crashers, but even the most demure of guests still should be on your wedding day radar.

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There's obviously more than a few rules guests should abide by, particularly the universal ones that should never even see the light of this special day.
1. Fight clubbed: Anticipation is always palpable when it comes to the tossing of the garter or the bouquet, but that excitement shouldn't be confused with common sense as far as tempering just how ferociously you go about getting your hands on either of those two items. Far too often weddings are marred by a desperately single woman leaving claw marks on a fellow female or guys leap frogging one another or throwing fists for the honor of catching the garter. You certainly don't have the stand their like a statue and definitely can have some fun with it, but keep your cool in the clutch.
2. Speech less: If you're one of the lucky ones that actually is part of the wedding, presumably the maid or matron of honor or the best man, then chances are you've been working hard on a speech for the wedding day. At least, of course, we hope that is what you've been doing for the last year of planning. Whatever you do, if you're cast in this role, don't go near a microphone without some sort of plan or written notes. You're a huge part of this special day, and standing up in front of the room like you're George Carlin isn't going to end well. If you don't know what to say or regrettably haven't prepared, then please keep it simple.
3. Complain, complain go away: No one likes a wedding guest that can't stop blabbering about how much they don't like, well, everything. It's too hot outside for the ceremony; it's too cold inside the banquet room; the food isn't good; I'm tired, etc. This is one of the few days when you're witty comments and inane banter isn't welcomed at all. You should find a seat and shut up or just leave before the bridge or groom hears you.
4. The drunk guy (or girl): Every wedding has one of these people, either just an individual or a group that is having way too much fun at the bar, which later gives the bride and groom plenty of fodder for a questioning attitude as to why they were invited in the first place. If you're one of these guests that simply can't wait to drink, please keep in mind that your action aren't just affecting you but rather two people who thought highly enough of you to invite you to their wedding. If that isn't enough to sway you in the right direction, then implement some sound advice: stay home.

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