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Firing squad: Even the most innocent mistakes can cost you big

Maybe you hate your job. Maybe you want to get fired.
That isn't really hard to do, especially if you just stop showing up for work.
But what about the segment of the working world that like, or at least tolerate, their job, and kind of like the idea of having money, paying bills and living under an actual roof.
For that group, their job is paramount and keeping it would be at the very least a prudent idea.
Even the most ardent and studious of employees might make what they believe is an innocent mistake, one that could cost them dearly in the form of their job. Let's say, however, you're in the market for a new job and have been sending out resumes fast and furiously. That's a tremendous attitude and equally remarkable diligence on your part, but make sure you keep your common sense in tow and choose not to have your resume saved on your work computer or, worse yet, send that same resume from the fax machine that sits somewhere in your office.

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A close second as far as inner office blunders that can get you canned is using the company phone to make personal calls. A version of that in today's technological world is having the company you work for issue you a smart phone or tablet and using it to set your baseball fantasy roster or surf Facebook for hours upon end. Not sure why, but some employees still can't connect those huge dots that your company has an IT department that tracks what you're doing or who you're calling with that smart device.
From smart phones to dumb moves, you can recall your first day on the job and realize at that moment just went wrong. So, you can't necessarily seal your fate on the first day, right? Wrong. If you're starting a new job or have recently received a promotion, you want to make sure you are incredibly cordial and approachable in both instances. No one likes a braggart when it comes to landing a better job within the company, and some of your co workers might not appreciate how smug you are about landing that promotion. Keep in mind as well that those same co workers might have also applied for that same job, so you should congratulate them and wish them well first and foremost. That shows you have class and that might save you from a mutiny that moves you right out the door.
You might also be looking for work if you eventually take on the role as the office gossiper, the one that can't help but talk about everyone in the entire building, supervisors included. That might not be the most prudent of chess moves, considering that behavior is likely to grate on just about everyone's nerves after awhile. Spending too much time talking trash on your co workers or bosses has a duel effect on your chances of staying put. Not only could your boss pick up on what you're saying but you'll also be pinpointed as being the person that quite frankly isn't working diligently.
Unless you're absolutely trying to lose your job and are traveling down that path in a more subtle way, then by all means heed the aforementioned actions and treat them as gospel. The flip side to finding new work is simply tapping into your common sense and good judgment, and being mindful of every move you make at work.

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