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Wedded miss: How to make sure your wedding gift is a hit

Aside from stuffing cash into a card and letting the husband and wife decide exactly what they need, choosing the right wedding gift could be perceived as more than just blindly picking an item off a registry.
The wedding gift typically should be an easy selection, given that the new couple probably needs everything from a toaster oven to pots and pans for the kitchen. The general rule of thumb when it comes to wedding gifts is to think practical and ironically not to over think what you're buying.
Obviously, the aforementioned registry can be followed line by line, but some would be wedding guests feel the need to deviate from the plan and effectively go rogue with their purchases.
There's certainly nothing wrong with that decision as long as you make it a point to avoid certain gifts that should always be deemed off limits or inappropriate.
Inevitably, you'll always have that one wedding guest who simply can't help but interject their taste into the couple's honey moon plans with some sort of travel oriented gift that essentially tells the couple where they should go on their honeymoon.

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If you're really wanting to help with travel plans or how much the honeymoon is going to cost, try a simple gift card that can be used anywhere. Then again, there's always cash.
Speaking of suggestive gifts, you should always stay away from wedding presents that could present a problem as far as offending the husband and wife, namely baby related items. And as long as you're trying not to offend the newly wed couple, you should steer clear of gifts that are tailor made for just the bride or groom.
You should always look at wedding gifts that both parties can use, rather than leaning one way or another toward the groom or bride. A lot of that mentality centers on being a guest that is friends with one but not as much with the other. But buying specifically for one side or the other is generally frowned upon.

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