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Father's dud: Why dad deserves better from you this year

From the ubiquitous tie to yet another boring, tiresome dress shirt, dad deserves better when it comes to gift giving on Father's Day.
This annual June holiday isn't far away, which means plenty of grateful sons and daughters will show their appreciation for dear, old dad with some sort of a gift. The hope moving forward, however, is that those gift givers think about the father on their list and implement at least a little bit of creativity when it comes to what they're buying.
And when you think of Father's Day gifts and what to buy specifically, you don't always have to stick with the norm or, on the opposite end of the spectrum, go completely over the top with a particular selection, item or product of choice.
Instead, you really should take a long, hard look at what your dad enjoys, practical items he'll need or simply rewarding him for a year's worth of hard work and dedication since last year's Father's Day. What you don't want to do is phone in the effort for dad and simply find a retailer and blindly pick the aforementioned dress shirt or another item that seems more like a rerun from years prior rather than something unique or heartfelt.
Ditching the tie should be commonplace, unless of course dad is overtly hinting at wanting or needing one or is the consummate professional and could always use another one. That said, why not throw dad a curve ball and really make Father's Day something special, like surprising him with tickets to a baseball game or perhaps even something else summer oriented (i.e. day at an amusement park or even a race car event).

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If by chance dad isn't a huge sports fan, perhaps he'd be more inclined to enjoy a technological gadget or something that he can play with; some dads like the simplicity of a heartwarming card filled with something as simple as lottery tickets. What dad would love the chance to win a few thousand or even a million bucks?
Dad certainly will feel that way if he believes that at least a modicum of emotion was put into his gift this year, rather than believing Father's Day was more burden than beloved. Dads aren't exactly the type to bemoan, rant or rave about the gift itself or complain openly that they didn't receive ultimately what they wanted.
Dad just wants to know that he was somewhat of a priority on his special day and that his gift, no matter what it is, came from the right place.
The heart.

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