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Driving force: How to tell if you prefer driving to flying

As the unofficial start of summer starts this Memorial Day, the natural thought process begins to shift from barbequing and cook outs to planning that would be summer vacation.
Between deciding on the actual destination, plenty goes into piecing together a trip that is equal parts organized and memorable.
Once you choose where you're going, the next logical question that arise is one that often is debated when applicable.
Should you fly or drive?
Obviously distance plays a huge part in what you're going to do moving forward, but what about those trips that teeter between driving and flying to the point that either option is viable. Plenty of variables should be considered, namely the number of people as part of the trip.

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Traveling with kids can be the great equalizer when it comes to flying or driving. Parents might consider driving the lesser of two evils, given that the car is familiar to the kids, where flying might be more fearful than fun for the children.
Let's say you're heading to an incredibly busy city with enough hustle and bustle to break even the most ardent and experienced traveler. In that instance, if the "Windy City" or "Big Apple" are in your future this summer, you might want to skip the heavy duty traffic, tolls and, in the case of New York City, one jammed bridge after another, and select as your means of travel.
New York might not be the best example, however, given that airports might be just as annoying. But nothing is quite as bothersome as sitting in traffic with literally nowhere to go for hours.
A lot of times, travelers take the open road over the airways because money and the cost of the trip plays heavily into their decision. Driving often trumps flying when money and budgeting is at the center of the discussion.
What some fail to consider when they're batting around the idea of packing into the car or heading for the airport is the cost of gas. Far too often, those planning a trip take a quick look at the cost of plane tickets and assume driving is the best route, without considering gas and the often overlooked This year, it appears gas might stay relatively reasonable per gallon, which could lead more families, couples and individuals to drive.
Finally, travelers always have to weigh the baggage dilemma. Checking in bags at the airport always comes with its fair share of trials and tribulations, whether that means making sure your suitcase fits within the appropriate dimensions or if you're going to be stuck with extra bag fees. At that point, tossing that same suitcase in the back of your car seems remarkably sensible at the moment. Then again, if you are in a compact car and aren't sporting and SUV, then flying might be your only salvation.
To fly or drive really boils down to devising the best possible game plan for summer vacation and taking into consideration all aspects of your trip. No vacation is full proof but at the very least you can make it enjoyable and much more tolerable toward your nerves.

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