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Gutsy call: Losing your belly is make or break decision

Where is the hardest place on your body to lose weight?
Some would argue that title belongs to your belly, that stubborn abdominal area that houses most of the fat on your body and keeps your T shirt on for most of the summer.
Despite numerous failed attempts at losing weight and banishing that belly for good, you simply can't flatten your tummy no matter how hard you try. That effort includes hours of cardiovascular training on your treadmill, outdoor runs and enough crunches to last you a lifetime.
But exercise alone isn't the only avenue suggested to say so long to your gut for good. Far too often even the most avid exerciser fails to truly understand how important what you're eating and drinking as it pertains to losing the weight in the right places.
Just ingesting less calories or having an apple for a snack instead of potato chips certainly isn't going to hurt your chances, but specifically targeting your tummy also should be part of your itinerary.

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That includes upping the amount of water you are drinking and paying particular attention to your fat and sugar intake. A lot of what ails exercisers as far as losing belly fat comes from a plethora of misinformation on the subject at hand.
Some experts will tell you that dairy makes you fat or you should stay away from all fat, both of which are incorrect. Dairy helps you lose lower belly fat, and healthy fats do the same. Those healthy fats include avocado, salmon or olive oil.
Another misnomer is eliminating meals to avoid unnecessary calories. Once again, that's the proverbial swing and miss in the advice column. Lowering your caloric intake is paramount to losing your belly fat, but not at the expense of skipping meals. You should eat at least four or five times per day and continually eat smaller meals throughout the day and snack accordingly on nuts, fruit or yogurt. But thinking that you should skip breakfast, eat a smaller lunch and dinner won't do your belly any favors as summer approaches.
Truthfully, exercisers even with the best intentions really have to make the conscious effort to lose that belly, and that proclamation is far from an easy one. That stubborn spot on your body is always the last to disappear, and most people don't have the determination or persistence to push toward the fitness finish line.

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