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Best man, worst gift: Watches or jewelry work, but only if its real deal

Two of the more popular gifts for anyone in your wedding party is a piece of jewelry or a watch, preferably if either or both are engraved and not what you would consider a cheap imitation.
Brides and grooms have plenty of their plates as the wedding planning quickly transforms into the day before the wedding itself, and that date is typically reserved for the rehearsal dinner. That last supper of sorts before the would be married couple says so long to their single lives and part of that breaking bread includes dishing out the gifts to the wedding party.
Even though the bride and groom have plenty on their plates, the gift giving part to your wedding party is crucial and essential as to not be overlooked in lieu of finding the flowers and centerpieces or pairing down your guest list from 200 to 150.
The real hurt feelings won't be the 50 people that were unceremoniously left off that guest list but rather your closest friends in your wedding party if your watch or jewelry as their wedding party gift truly fails to deliver.
One mistake that brides tend to make when they're giving jewelry or watches as a gift is to go the route of name brand knockoff given that your wedding budget may be stretched thin as it is. That's not to suggest that your maid or matron of honor and bridesmaids are expecting gifts with a price tag of a few hundred dollars but handing them a pseudo piece of jewelry that is, for all intent and purposes, fake isn't the best option, either.

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Instead, why not attempt to find a piece of jewelry that has a modest price that can be engraved for a few dollars more and shows that you're speaking from the heart, rather than packing together a present that packs little punch. Even if the bracelet, earrings or watch is paired in a gift bag with a few little extras like lip gloss, eye liner or makeup, that still stands to be a better gift.
The same could easily be said for the groom and his litany of guys who will be flanking him on his wedding day. A stunning, silver and sensational wristwatch would be a welcomed gift from any guy. You can find a relatively decent priced watch for your buddies without breaking the bank. The engraving part is a nice touch, but won't make or break the gift. As long as the watch is universally appealing and doesn't go too far off the beaten path when it comes to style. For example, gold is a tough sell for some, while silver might be something that can be worn regularly when you're out.
Gifts, in any form or fashion, should never be looked at as "bad" or "unappreciated," because ultimately the thought counts first and foremost. But if you're going the route of watches or jewelry, you'd be wise to research your prospective purchase and buy something that says thank you for being part of my special day.

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