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Scratching the surface: Microsoft laptop and tablet hybrid slowly gaining ground

Today's consumer no longer has to make the decision between tablet or laptop as plenty of companies are tackling the issue head on and creating products that do both.
And perhaps none is persistent or adamant as Microsoft in the form of their aptly titled Microsoft Surface.
On the surface, the Microsoft Surface is equal parts adequate and amazing. The idea of having a laptop that doubles as a tablet eliminates the thought of having to buy both and essentially destroy your electronics budget.
That's the good part about having a device that does both, but the downside is hoping that the company tackling the idea of having a tablet that also doubles as a laptop actually can do both equally well. That isn't quite as simple as it sounds. Fine tuning this incredible invention doesn't always translate from idea to tangible product.
And even the great Microsoft has had its trouble.

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The initial incarnation of the Microsoft Surface didn't do much to change the landscape of the laptop world, aside from being detachable into tablet mode. The biggest downside to the original Surface easily is the keyboard and how flimsy the laptop version felt when it comes snapped together keyboard to screen.
Typing on the keyboard especially was difficult and taxing for those who rest their fingers and hands on the home row and tried to type with any type of consistency or speed. Microsoft, however, promises that this issue has been resolved with the newer version of the Surface. The keyboard is better, and the unit snaps together a little more snug than its predecessor.
That's not to say that the new Surface isn't without its shortcomings. Much like the first version, this one feels like it fits nicer in the palm of your hand as a tablet and the laptop version of the business per say still hasn't caught up.
That said, the most recent offering from Microsoft has taken at least a few steps toward improving its original effort. That bodes well for the company but plenty of work on their tablet slash laptop still is yet to be done. Chances are, Microsoft will eventually get everything about its Surface straight and correct but for now this version is at least scratching the surface of how great this hybrid device can be.

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