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Socially awkward: Why now is a great time to quit social media

Have you ever thought about saying so long to Twitter for good?
How about ditching Facebook to the point that you're no longer just hovering over the "deactivate" button but actually have decided to click it?
Has Pinterest pinned you against the corner and taken up enough of your time that you've finally said enough is enough?
If your answer any of those questions is "yes," then you're not alone. Social media is equal parts ideal and inane. Depending on what end of the spectrum you're sitting at will determine if you're ready to walk away from this addictive, annoying and albeit informative and instantaneous way of communication.
A lot of what ails social media, namely Facebook and Twitter, is the ridiculousness of the posts and comments that simply aren't worthy of being printed. That's the one real turnoff of social media; everyone has a voice, but they don't necessarily deserve it.

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Social media made it possible to keep tabs on the famous, the rich or the important. When the President of the United States sends a "tweet," that falls under the noteworthy category. When your co worker proclaims on Facebook that he's sad because the line at the drive thru at McDonald's is too long, that's not exactly essential information, nor is it going to change the landscape of the trajectory of your day.
Maybe things like that shouldn't frustrate you, but it does to the point that you're ready to walk away from social media all together.
If the mindless and meandering happenings of day to day lives isn't enough to steer you clear of Facebook, Twitter or other sites of that same ilk, then what about the amount of time you're wasting using these particular sites.
Those who have bid social media farewell are quick to point that they've started spending more time being productive without the interruption or distraction that is Facebook or checking status updates. Social media, for all it does to keep you in the proverbial loop when it comes to following everyone or keeping track of everyone from your next door neighbor to George Clooney, mostly is an incredible waste of time.
Naturally, social media isn't all bad, especially if you're using the various sites to learn about a recipe, check in with family that doesn't live nearby or network on a variety of topics that actually matter: health, business or finances.
How you use social media ultimately determines if it is worthwhile staying the course and continually using it to its fullest potential or if it's time to log out for the very last time.

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