3 things you'd love to tell your younger self

05/29/14 by Vanessa Evans

No matter how much someone tells you to the contrary about not having any regret, chances are there is at least a few decisions they'd like to have back and choices that, in hindsight, weren't very smart ones.
Now that you're a full fledged adult, have you ever thought what you'd like to tell your younger self. Granted, unless you have a time machine stored somewhere, you truly can't go back and change what's already been done, but the thought process at least is engaging and makes for interesting conversation.
If nothing else, maybe now that you're mature and well traveled, you can at least impart some of that wisdom on a younger generation, perhaps children of your own, nieces, nephews or relatives.

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1. Don't spend money that you think you have: This is one that plagues the adolescent masses, particularly the ones that work diligently while they're living in the friendly and rent free confines of their parents home. Let's say you're making a few hundred dollars a week or even about a thousand or so dollars per month, and figure that since you have no bills to speak of then the money you're making is essentially yours to spend as you see fit. That misstep is financial flawed. Living at home is the best time to start saving money, because the moment you set foot outside those comfortable walls of mom and dad, you'll be wishing you set aside some cash as a reserve you'll likely need desperately.
2. Eat better: That size 38 inch waist is slowly starting to creep into the 40 plus territory now that you're in your mid to late 30s, and losing the weight becomes increasingly difficult with each passing year. That's when you start thinking that maybe you should have at least tried a little harder to eat healthier in your late teens and 20s. Of course, your metabolism burns food faster when you're younger, but those bad eating habits you picked up when you were younger stuck with you as you got older, and those subsequent pounds landed on your hips, thighs, stomach and backside.
3. Not every relationship is meaningful: You'll have plenty of girlfriends and boyfriends, friends and partners, and when you're younger you might consider each and every one of them the most important you'll ever have. The older you is quick to point out that not all relationships are created equal, nor to they all deserve tears to be shed when they end. Relationships should be meaningful, and as you get older you'll begin to hone in on the exact characteristics and traits you're looking for in a significant other. That sound advice is something you wish your younger self knew when you bemoaned and sobbed over every conversation, date or relationship that went sour.

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