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Best for business: Why complaining really isn't all that bad

Every consumer at one point or another has found themselves in the unenviable situation of feeling dissatisfied with a product or service, and feeling as though they have no choice but to complain to someone about the problem.
Often when this issue arises, however, you feel a case of cold feet coming on to the point that you simply set aside that undercooked steak, accept the fact that you were overcharged a few dollars for shipping or decide to walk away from a retail clerk or salesperson that was flat out rude.
Maybe you simply take a "don't care" attitude, aren't in the mood or don't want to "get anyone in trouble" since the mistake really isn't that bad in the first place.
Those who choose to not complain certainly are well within their rights to do so, but for the general population that aren't afraid to speak up, you should know that your penchant for not putting aside how you really feel actually is doing less harm than you think.
A lot of how you approach the subject at hand and thus begin to go into your delivery ultimately will determine the difference between a rant and actually being helpful.

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Let's say for example you aren't happy with a plate of food at one of your favorite restaurants. The correct way to approach the situation is to tell the waitress that you come here all the time, but your meal isn't very good, and you'd like to speak to a manager. You can tell the supervisor or manager on duty that same spiel, and they'll most likely be inclined to thank you for your candor.
What customers don't realize is that most managers or anyone in a position of authority wants to know if the service, support or product specifically isn't really delivering as advertised. If you don't complain correctly, those same managers will simply assume that all is well, and continue doing business incorrectly as a result.
That sentiment can be applied in virtually any type of business, no matter if you're sitting down at a restaurant, ordering a tablet from Amazon.com or battling back and forth between a Best Buy "Geek Squad" member who really seems more annoyed than helpful.
Your complaint isn't necessarily cause for a celebration in the break room at the place of business, but it will provide much needed insight that managers often miss. What isn't going to help the issue at hand is the customer who is argumentative, confrontational or likes to hear themselves yell just to make a point.

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