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Paint by numbers: Why paint and poise is your house's best friend

Your house is begging you for an upgrade, but you're refusing to listen.
Maybe you have turned a blind eye and ear to your home for a number of reasons, namely the added expense, lack of time or not nearly enough financial stability to buy new furniture, accents or fixtures for even one room, much less the entire place.
Your propensity to put off an home overhaul seems like a realistic dose of common sense and a budgeting move that should be lauded for being so level headed. But far too many homeowners view their house as more stress than salvation when it comes to making it look better. They seem a project that is massive, an undertaking of epic proportions that obviously, in their eyes, can't be completed without spending a ton of money and using time you simply don't have.
That isn't the case for the forward thinking population that wants to have the home of their dreams inside and out, but aren't exactly equipped with the equity or financial wherewithal to make that happen.
Say hello to your new best friend: paint and poise.

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The latter comes in the form of patience, having an open mind and not dismissing the notion that one man's trash can never be your treasure. Flea markets and garage sales in the spring and summer are the proverbial gold mines when it comes to finding any and all types of furniture or d├ęcor for your home.
An old, beat up accent chair can easily be transformed into a perfect corner sitting spot for your spare bedroom or an extra seating area for friends that stop by on a whim. Finding that special piece at a garage sale takes a keen eye and enough enthusiasm and energy to think outside the box versus always buying new.
Not only does new cost more, you don't have that sense of completion mixed with satisfaction once your pet project is done.
As for paint, this plays into that garage sale or flea market find that might only need a quick spray or a few coats. Paint is the great equalizer when it comes to sprucing up your home and for a variety of reasons. Not only do most comparable home improvement stores stock paint experts much the same way they do lumber but painting is a task that really anyone can master with the right tools.
A roller here, paint tray there, throw in some painter's tape for precision purposes and suddenly you're home is looking snazzy, minus the excess spending. Granted, painting still is going to take you time and effort, but you'll leave your painting work area knowing you've appeased the pleas of your house for a fresh look, and were able to prosper in the face of do it yourself adversity.

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