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Smooth move: Why smoothies make life and living so much better

Breakfast is always touted as the most important meal of the day. It also ranks as the most skipped.
Sleep and time are the main culprits as to why the masses might be inclined to sleep in or rush to work, respectively, in lieu of sitting down and eating breakfast.
The other alternative to not eating at home is to grab something on the go, and that often turns into an unhealthy debacle of epic proportions with a pit stop that includes fast food high in fat and calories.
Can't imagine how the consumer would choose an Egg McMuffin over a yogurt?
When it comes to breakfast, one of the more overlooked options is the smoothie. No one is quite sure why the smoothie isn't something more breakfast lovers gravitate toward; perhaps it is the idea of toting around your blender at six in the morning or thawing frozen fruit before you've had your morning coffee.

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In any event, the smoothie is something that deserves more than just a second look as your breakfast of choice, as long as you tackle it with more planning and less impromptu nature.
Instead of thawing frozen fruit or ingredients in the morning, you should be concocting your healthy breakfast the night before, and that includes the thawing process. And as far as making the drinks themselves, the idea isn't so much to look at the process as work but rather something that is equally fun and healthy for you in the same breath.
Smoothies can be easy but ultimately the benefit of them is that you can cram your fruits and vegetables into one drink that not only suffices your servings for the day but sends you into the start of your day feeling full and devoid of guilt.
Those fruits should include the Vitamin B 12 rich mango and anything that is green and leafy. Spinach and Kale are filled with vitamins, nutrients and minerals, including high contents of Iron and Vitamin K. Also important in your smoothie is plenty of water but not to the point where you kill the taste. Smoothies shouldn't be watery but not as thick as a milkshake. The water is key for hydration, and being dehydrated often plagues those who don't like the taste of water.
The smoothie is the happy medium between your dislike for water and having the nutritional content you might be missing throughout the day. As long as your prep work doesn't start around the same time you wake up in the morning, the smoothie can easily be your best friend.
It's healthy, tasty and will help you temper your overeating all day.
Those who try to tackle the smoothie the moment they wake up probably stand a better chance of winding up at the drive thru window.

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