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Place holdovers: Certain stops seem terribly outdated

When was the last time you thought to hang out at the mall?
How about getting together with a group of friends at the local bookstore?
If the answer to the aforementioned questions is somewhere between "almost never" and "never," you're not in the minority.
The traditional shopping mall is hardly the destination it once was as most shopping is done from the comfort of your home. Sites like Amazon.com sounds much more appealing for a number of reasons, namely convenience and better pricing. The mall atmosphere, food court included, is a tired act with storefronts that are terribly overrated and too pricey for most of today's consumers.
In a day and age when in store buying is less specific and more one stop shopping mentality permeates through would be customers. That puts the mall in retail purgatory, with little incentive to visit these brick and mortar monstrosities are closing across the country at record paces.

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The 1980s are 30 years old, and the mall is no longer the place to be.
Malls make a little headway on the weekends and holidays as far as increased traffic, but not nearly enough revenue permeates through the place to make malls a worthwhile endeavor in 2014. You'll see plenty of teen age kids and a younger crowd there on Friday or Saturday nights, but that clientele isn't really buying much, other than the occasional stop at the food court.
Equally depressing is the bookstore, a place that once seemed like the hub for the intellectual to peruse reading material, sip coffee and look brilliant doing it. Today, the bookstore is sparse at best as smart phone, tablets and e readers make reading more of an electronic experience versus actually flipping pages.
The bookstore being the proverbial deserted island is a little tougher to figure out given that most of them still tout the expensive coffee and trendy atmosphere. But the glaring problem with the bookstore are the books themselves. They're incredibly expensive in comparison to what you buy them for elsewhere online. A hardcover price tag of $25 at the bookstore probably can be found online for at least 70% less, whether you're talking about Amazon, eBay or new or used.
Ironically, sit down places in the same vein as bookstores like coffee shops aren't necessarily struggling as much. Starbucks, Panera Bread and others of that ilk still do remarkable business, but you have to assume the draw are the pastries and coffee as opposed to the written word.
The writing on the wall isn't good for malls and bookstores, but that seems fairly obvious given how technology, being financially prudent and instant gratification rule the word and thus render those place terribly antiquated.

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