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Hairy situation: Is coloring your hair at home the best route?

Plenty of people spend hundreds or thousands of dollars each year keeping up a particular look, whether that means a weekly manicure, perfectly device pedicure or massages on a fairly consistent basis to combat stress.
But perhaps no one service, however, is held in higher regard than your hair. With every cut, trim and curl, you carefully pay close attention to any and all things related to your hairstyle, especially the color. Whether you're trying to say so long to gray hair or simply want a fresh look in the form of an all over color change or subtle highlights, you're hooked on your hair. That admiration for your luscious locks should translate into an easy decision to find a trained professional to douse your scalp in hair color, thus securing the perfect results you've always wanted.
Much like you can give yourself a manicure or pedicure or invest in an at home massage chair, plenty of consumers decide to save a few bucks and simply purchase hair color from a grocery store or retailer with the thought that they can get the same results for a fraction of the cost.
But at what cost? Is coloring your own hair safe?
That answer depends on what you're expecting to get out of the experience for your appearance and just how intricate you'd like that dye job to look. Coloring your hair in your own bathtub isn't out of the question, as long as you set realistic expectations.

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Hair color out of a box is tailor made more for touch ups and all over color as opposed to the products that promise picture perfect highlights. The latter should be left to professionals in the field. If you're just trying to cover up some deeply rooted gray hairs, then the hair color in the box should be plenty worthwhile. Keep in mind that doing it yourself is cheaper but also messy. You should make sure you have the supplies you need on hand, including plenty of gloves, old towels you don't mind tossing and at least one hair clip to keep your hair sectioned off accordingly.
Paying to have someone else color your hair is fine, too. It's expensive, however, but ultimately that convenience could be worth the extra cost. For everyone else, the hair color in the box beckons to us to not only save a few bucks but maintain at least some of the style we've come to expect.
If you have an extra $100 or so lying around and don't need that cash for something more important, then turning the reigns over to a professional hair dresser always is more enviable and advised.

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