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Ill advertised: Why cable company commercials can't connect with consumers

Not every television commercial is a winner. Some are memorable; others are absolutely unforgettable.
But you would think that when the cable and satellite companies put their collective heads together for an advertising campaign to promote their products and service, you'd think if anyone could get a commercial right it would be these guys.
Well, not exactly.
Those cable and satellite brands like Comcast, Direct TV, Verizon FIOS and Dish Network follow a similar trajectory as any other reputable company trying to maintain and gain business. In some cases, the commercial is funny, cute and serves its purpose. Then again, the possibility of falling flat doesn't just exist; it happens quite often.
The most recent swing and a miss comes courtesy of Direct TV and its attempt to sell consumers on something they actual might want: no unsightly wires dangling and hanging below their mounted televisions.

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Plenty of diligent home owners are going to jump at the chance at losing those wires, but Direct TV's means of delivering their message is odd, if not out and out creepy. They decided to employ puppets as members of the family. These puppets, as part of the campaign, feel badly about their own wires and assume that if wires are bad for television and cable boxes, then they're universally panned, even for puppets.
Of course, we all get the commercial and what it's trying to say. It just doesn't do a good job of making its point without leaving you a little freaked out. Think when Burger King introduced its "King" as part of its ad campaign years ago, which saw that "King" lurking just about everywhere you could imagine.
The "puppet" family members feels a lot like that and less about what actually is being sold.
From the creepy to the condescending, Comcast is the largest communications company in the world, but they'll throw their hat into the ring that is the competitive marketplace of television, internet and phone services.
The latest commercial from Comcast includes Jimmy Fallon and is touting its new XI feature, and does wonders for being equal parts entertaining and pertinent when it comes to promotion. Comcast hardly has a perfect track record. Brian Urlacher once stood as the pitch man for Comcast, but his speech seemed more like pandering and barking as he yelled at us to buy Comcast and not Direct TV. For a company as competent and large as Comcast, it seemed a little desperate, when the cable giant really doesn't need to be.
Commercials, when done correctly, can be quite the salvation for companies when done correctly. But when they're not, they'll forever be remembered for the wrong reasons, even if you're the cable company.

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