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Moms the word: Why buying expensive baby clothes should be a secret worth keeping

Every mom and dad wants the best for their child and often money is no object. But one has to wonder if that includes baby clothes, shoes and accessories that cost a pretty penny.
Parents shelling out cash for all things baby and toddler related that is considered the best you can buy is nothing out of the ordinary. This type of spending, however, should be limited to the products that matter: strollers, car seats, cribs and anything else that promotes safety.
Those aforementioned items also are worth investing in because they're considered big ticket items in the baby and toddler world, and spending more up front rather than having to replace cheaper alternatives is a sound financial decision, not to mention the fact that these products will likely be more durable and safer over time.
Strollers, car seats and baby monitors belong in a class themselves as far as product purchases are concerned. Those are staple items that aren't trifled with in the eyes of moms and dads.
Where parents tend to differ or argue is within the walls of the department stores or retailers when it comes to baby and toddler clothing, more specifically if spending a small fortune on clothing is a smart idea.

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The sound choice centers on buying reasonably priced, quality clothing that isn't priced outrageously or ridiculously. The idea that parents, even the ones with the income and means to do so, would be willing to spend $100 on jeans for a toddler is rather ludicrous, especially considering that your son or daughter is going to outgrow that purchase rather quickly.
The same could be said for something in the same realm as clothes: bedding sets. Moms or dads may be inclined to buy an expensive blanket but that one item isn't going to make or break parents' budgets. Spending hundreds of dollars on sheets, pillow cases and other bedding makes for great pictures of your little bundle of joy sleeping but just isn't practical, given the number of times you'll be washing it. That's not to suggest parents should buying clothing or bedding that is the cheapest on the market; just don't drain your entire savings account on a set of cute throw pillows.
Still, that doesn't mean sales of the higher end, brand name baby or toddler clothing is slowing any time soon. The major retailer players still are churning out anything but cheap baby bibs, T shirts and dresses in droves.
But clothes and bedding hardly qualify as sound investments. The money you're spending on designer jeans and gold platted rattles could easily be tucked away for something much more important than shoes or clothing.

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