3 foods you should never eat

06/04/14 by Jackie Russo

Sometimes, food gets a bad rap and often is terribly misunderstood.
Take avocados or peanut butter for example. These fatty foods get cast aside quickly and with great prejudice when you're trying to cut calories, lose weight and hit the gym all in one fell swoop.
But those aforementioned foods actually promote muscle growth and are considered "good" fats, the ones that help your body more than they hurt it.

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Avocados and peanut butter are a few of the exceptions. They're foods that carry a so called bad reputation but actually are quite advised as far as having them at least in moderation.
Other foods don't have that luxury. Despite these foods being overly popular with the masses, they realistically should be ignored every chance you get, whether you're talking about a quick, breakfast on the go or a dinner that hardly would be considered home cooked. That includes the main course, side dishes or even the occasional snack or beverage as well.
You hate to use the word "never" but these foods and drinks belong on that list, especially if they're items you ingest on a daily basis.
1. Diet soda: If you wanted to do public relations for a particular food or drink, you'd want to hook up with any of the diet soda manufacturers. This soft drink sells itself as a legitimate low calorie alternative that is perfectly safe. In actuality, diet soda is littered with aspartame, an artificial sweetener that wreaks havoc on your stomach and could lead to more serious conditions. The irony of diet soda is that it is sold as zero calorie option versus regular cola but actually contributes to weight gain in people who drink it, since the ingredients in your diet drink make you hungrier and feeling less full.
2. Cereal or granola bars: These two delicious snacks probably feel like they're being picked on, but they're deserving of all things negative pushed in their direction. Much like how diet soda is marketed as being a healthier alternative to sugary drinks, cereal and granola bars sound healthy but most of the ones produced are fat personified. If you must have an on the go bar of some sort, think about a lower calorie and fat bar that's filled with protein. Don't let the words "cereal" or "granola" lull you into believing that you're actually eating well.
3. Microwave popcorn: The information on microwaveable popcorn is just plain scary. Plenty of experts and researchers alike are attempting to tell anyone who will listen that microwave popcorn, the chemicals in the lining of the bag specifically, are remarkably dangerous. These same microwaveable popcorn haters suggest you buy the kernels loose and cook them the old fashioned way: in a pan on the stove.

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