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Save the date: You're in the midst of a bad date, and you know it

Try and remember the last time you were in the midst of a bad movie.
Did you grind it out for its entirety, simply counting down the seconds until the final credits rolled?
Maybe you simply got up and let, figuring that your 10 or 15 dollars wasn't worth the pain and anguish you were in the midst of experiencing.
Now, relate those actions to something like a bad date. Most of us wouldn't be rude enough to simply walk out on a prospective match but rather sit, grin and bear it, much the same way we did that two hour movie that was pure torture.
When done right, dating can be certain bliss. Meeting someone that you match up with remarkably makes for an enjoyable and intoxicating evening that most likely will lead to subsequent dates in the future.

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The bad ones, however, make for a long, painful existence that is dating.
And you certainly know when you're in the midst of a bad date as certain body language, distractions or awkwardness perpetuates to the point that you might be closer to following the same protocol of that bad movie, and actually figure out a plan to simply leave.
The first sign that things aren't going so well is not only the topic of conversation but how it flows overall. One of the tell tale signs that you're not necessarily matched up correctly with the right person is how difficult or easy the conversation comes to each of you.
If you struggle to find any common ground or there are large gaps in conversation, then you're probably on the first and last date. Naturally, most first dates are going to have a little bit of awkwardness to them but dead silence hardly classifies as "awkward."
Another important communication factor about a bad date is if the conversation is one sided or self centered. Talking about yourself the entire time or failing to engage the other person shows a lack of interest.
From talking to technology, cell phones often are our worst enemy on a date. Checking a text message or answering an email at your fingertips is nothing new for the so called cell phone generation. But if your date is dwelling on their phone to the point that they're openly sending a text or, worse yet, taking calls, then it's time to start thinking about your exit strategy.
Chances are, those texts are about you and, most likely, that the date isn't going so well.
Dating is hardly an exact science and striking gold on the first try isn't realistic. But that doesn't mean you should have to endure a date that is dead on arrival or is progressing to the point that it's time to call it quits almost immediately.

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