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Designing minds: How to maximize even the smallest places

One bedroom, one bathroom and a tiny living room equals three reasons why you throw your hands up in frustration when you're thinking of decorating your apartment or small living quarters.
As much as you want that sectional couch, oversized king mattress or jacuzzi tub, you simply don't have the room to start adding those types of items, unless of course you don't mind your entire bedroom being reserved for just the bed.
But just because you live in a small spot doesn't mean you have to suffer with a lack of style or can't have certain pieces of furniture that deliver that always wanted wow factor. The trick for apartment or small home owners is to think less about volume or size and more about versatility and practicality with their furniture or accent pieces.
If you're in the market for a standing lamp, find one that includes shelves so that you have a place to display those pictures and frames. How about a beautiful, oak headboard and frame that includes plenty of storage space. Some beds come complete with actual drawers for your clothing. That type of duality when it comes to your furniture is paramount when you're short of space albeit longing for a particular look.
The key is knowing your space and using it accordingly. That sectional couch might fit perfectly in your living room as long as it is tucked snugly against the wall. A corner desk for your office makes for a few extra feet in that second bedroom, and the same could be said for that same style television stand. When every square foot counts, you have to think beyond the conventional, even if that means mounting your flat screen TV and eliminating the stand altogether.

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And speaking of stands, you can say so long to media stands, CD racks or bookcases as these items are tailor made as space killers. Perhaps your best friend when you're designing your apartment is the wall, more specifically mounting shelving on them to avoid losing ground as part of your floor space. Shelving typically costs very little and leaves you with more room to move about without feeling totally cramped. You also might want to consider bookshelves that are built into the wall while you're searching for an apartment that works for you.
Everyone in the market for a new place to live has to abide by their respective budgets when it comes to monthly mortgage or rent. Just because your bottom line might not be top dollar doesn't mean you have to sacrifice the look, feel and quality of your apartment.
It just means you'll have to get a little creative and think outside of the box that is your apartment. No matter how small it may be.

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