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Easy does it: Does fitness have to be this hard?

Ask anyone who struggles with their weight or eating well, and they'll emphatically tell you that finding time to exercise or choosing the right foods is incredibly difficult.
To those who have been in those same shoes but found a way to shed those unwanted pounds, their message to fellow overweight or obese people remains constant.
Keep it simple.
No one is going to argue the point that feelings of frustration and anger abound when you find yourself on the wrong end of that bathroom scale, but that doesn't always mean you should let those feelings send you down a path to failure when it comes to exercise and diet.
The mentality that centers on anger or desperation often sends you to the local gym or neighborhood health club filled with unrealistic expectations or the idea that you must exercise seven days a week and twice on Sunday to get to where you need to be.

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Save that regimen for Hugh Jackman as he prepares for the next "X-Men" movie. For the rest of us, that's just not plausible. But inherently, you feel like you have to give 150% of yourself day in and day out when it comes to exercise to get to where you want to do.
That may be true to some extent, but you most likely don't have four or five hours per day to donate to the gym. But thinking that way puts you on the fast track to failure since you assume that every pound you've gained has to be lost as quickly as possible.
Instead of one for one way of thinking, you might want to consider making fitness fun again or simply employing small changes to get to the overall, bigger picture that you're desiring. Instead of making it a point or forcing yourself on to the treadmill or elliptical all the time, why not just take a walk outside in the spring or summer months? You may want to invest in a pedometer and give yourself something simple like counting steps to start with and then progress accordingly.
If eating is your Achilles' heel, take how you're eating now and break it down in the basics per meal: protein, starches, vegetables and supplement your snacking with sweets in the form of fruit. And, as always, lots of water.
Granted, when you're in the midst of a fast food binge several times a week and the only cardio you are doing is getting in and out of your car, then dropping 20 pounds seems a bit far fetched. But that is exactly why you need to stop thinking about instant gratification in the form of weight loss and just take a long, hard look at the basics and start fresh from that point.

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