5 things every college student needs to do

06/07/14 by Rennie Detore

Hitting the books, studying hard and cultivating a career path are the cornerstones of the college experience. The reason you're there in the first place is to continue your education and have the means to be able to secure the job you want, and live comfortably and securely for the next 30 or 40 years.
As much as college centers on what happens inside the classroom, the idea of continuing your education can center on more than just the test taking and long, drawn out lectures.
To truly appreciate the entire scope of college, students should make sure they take in all the sights and sounds within the confines of their university. Of course, passing grades and earning your degree trumps the extracurricular activities you can enjoy, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't stop to enjoy everything else the college experience can offer.

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1. Go to a sporting event: College athletics not only is big business, but football and basketball games specifically create an atmosphere that is intoxicating, even if you're not the biggest sports fan. The cheering, camaraderie and fervor speaks to everyone in attendance and truly encompasses college in all its glory.
2. Pull an all night study session: OK, so you're already studying enough as it is, but every college student has a moment where they have 10 hours of work to accomplish, whether that's studying or writing a term paper, and only five hours to do so. That's when the most diligent and studious of students put their nose to the proverbial grindstone and hit the books until the sun rises the next morning. Chances are, all that hard work and lack of sleep paid off with a stellar grade, and you'll also be able to tell the inevitable story of how you went hours upon hours without sleep yet still managed to pull off the impossible.
3. Make new friends: This one is likely going to happen regardless, but making friends in college also is about meeting people that aren't exactly like you. Branching out and talking to would be buddies that have different interests than yours or spending time with new friends that can give you an entirely new prospective on just about everything is one of the great aspects of college. Your college or university likely is a melting pot waiting to be discovered, and when you finally do that, you'll be pleasantly surprised with what you've learned and the new friends you've made.
4. Study abroad: College is one of the few forums that affords you the opportunity to study somewhere that isn't in your backyard. Sure, you probably left the comfort and convenience of your parents' home to go to college in the first place, but think about the experience you'll always treasure if you're able to study abroad and truly soak in a cultural tour de force you'll never forget.
5. Internships: This one seems like a given but far too many students pass on the notion that they should spend the latter part of their college life working. Maybe they assume they'll have plenty of time to work once school is out, but colleges typically work hard to find you an internship so take advantage of those resources provided to you, and get your foot in the door somewhere so that you at least have a few contacts made when you're sending out resumes in droves.

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