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Strip tease: Do nasal strips actually work?

From professional athletes flying up and down the field to thoroughbred horses racing down the track and even the guy who struggles with snoring and restless nights, being able to breath clearly is paramount for a multitude of reasons.
That is the main reason why nasal strips have risen in popularity over the years regardless if you're a defensive lineman in the NFL that needs a few extra gasps of air to finish off the fourth quarter or just want a pleasant eight hours of rest before work starts on Monday morning.
But as much as breathe right strips seem like salvation for those who struggle with breathing clearly, they're not necessarily a cure all for conditions like snoring but rather a stop gap to help alleviate symptoms.
Nasal strips work to open up and lift nasal passages to help you breath easier and works especially well for those who have difficulties with nasal congestion or a deviated septum. One of the larger nasal strip companies, Breathe Right Nasal Strips, is a renowned supplier and does fantastic business by delivering a product that is equal parts effective and safe.
And those who suffer from snoring and those subsequent nights of sleep that are hardly restful most likely turn to nasal strips as a way to combat their problem. Nasal strips certain work wonders for snoring, but they're not meant to fix the condition at hand. If snoring plagues your slumbers, you always should see if there is an underlying problem above and beyond the snoring itself. If it is determined that your snoring isn't life threatening or causing damage beyond just poor sleeping, then perhaps revisiting buying nasal strips is a realistic follow up.

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The nasal strips themselves, particularly the ones from Breathe are remarkably effective, which is why the sports world has taken to these helpful strips to help breathe a little easier when they're winded. On the field, court, track or baseball diamond, it's easy to have the outdoor elements wreak havoc with your breathing, thus leading to endurance issues or losing steam before the game is done. That extra air flow, athletes will argue, gives them an advantage over their opponent.
Regardless of your profession or why you're using nasal strips, the bottom line on them is that they work well and have been around long enough to be viewed as credible in what they're intended to do. Using them in place of a doctor's visit, however, is more of a decision that will ultimately leave you holding your breath in the hopes that you're not overlooking something more serious.

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