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Total bull: Should Pit Bull dogs get banned from being purchased?

Pit Bull dogs find themselves in the news quite a bit these days, and the headlines typically are of the negative ilk.
These dogs often are associated with being overly aggressive, dangerous and poised to attack at a moment's notice and without warning. The real negative publicity comes when national and local stories center on young children and kids are attacked by dogs, and more often than not Pit Bulls are the pups in question.
Those who own Pit Bulls will tell you that the temperament of these dogs depends not so much on the breed but how they are raised and subsequently treated from puppy to full grown dog. Others adamantly contend that Pit Bulls have no place in homes and shouldn't be considered as pets in any form or fashion.
So what exactly is the truth as it pertains to Pit Bulls? Are they safe as pets or do they deserve to be ousted as traditional pets?
What really hurts the Pit Bull breed obviously is the bad press, and that often leads to jumping to conclusions and assuming that if one Pit Bull commits a heinous and graphic act that all of them must be bad, too.

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Most pet experts will argue that dogs don't have an "on" or "off" switch when it comes to being bad or good dogs per say. All dogs have the ability to react accordingly if they feel threatened or assume their territory is being questioned. A lot of what contributes to the makeup of dogs, no matter the breed, is how they're raised, if they're abused or neglected by the owners, or if they're trained to be mean and attack oriented.
Defendants of Pit Bulls argue that these dogs once were considered some of the more lauded, loveable and owned pets not that long ago. The information on Pit Bulls as to whether they are considered more dangerous or violent than other dogs is both mixed and unproven. Anyone who has done research on dog bites will tell you that dog bites are directly related to how the owners interact with their dog, regardless of breed.
The paradox that is the Pit Bull debate is most newspaper headlines about kids being attacked or dog bites relate to Pit Bulls. But did anyone stop to wonder or ask the question whether people who abuse dogs or tend to neglect them gravitate toward buying Pit Bulls because of their perceived aggression?
Simply put, Pit Bulls might be making headlines because they're hand picked by dog owners that hardly are suitable to own any pet.
The Pit Bull and those who support this breed are doing serious damage control to restore their reputation and information, or lack there of, is perhaps the worst enemy in this fight. The only truth about dogs is that buying one should be about research and understanding its history more so making assumptions that one breed is worse than another.

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