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Graduate programmed: Sometimes keeping graduation gifts obvious is best

When it comes to students graduating high school or college, money certainly speaks louder than just about any other gift when you're contemplating exactly what to give at the would be graduation party.
The month of June typically is the time when students are saying so long to high school or college and moving on to either college or the real world, respectively, and college graduation parties fill your calendar for just about every weekend throughout the entire month.
The parties themselves are standard fare, taking place at the graduates home, perhaps a neighboring park or parents feeling inclined to rent out an entire building to celebrate a terrific accomplishment by their son or daughter.
As a guest, the onus on you is to come up with a gift to give to the graduate that is thoughtful, practical and helpful as they continue their journey into more schooling or perhaps into the wonderful world of interviews, resumes and cover letters as they pursue their perfect profession.
In any event, gift giving tends to lean more toward money first and foremost as the favorite. Putting yourself in the shoes of the would be graduate means you have to assume they'll need money for college, if they're graduating high school, or perhaps cash to begin their nest egg as they start their careers.

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For some, however, money is seen as both practical and impersonal, and they'd rather go the gift route instead of stuffing cash inside a card and envelope. The graduate probably won't mind the money, to be perfectly honest, but gifts aren't necessarily a bad thing, either.
Just as long as it is something that falls into one of the aforementioned characteristics one would want out of a graduation gift.
So, that means no stuffed animals or stationary, even if the former is personalized and the latter is engraved with their name and date they graduated from school. College students might have a touch of home sickness, but a teddy bear to clutch isn't going to quell that feeling. What college students need is money, but perhaps something that will aid them in studying would suffice as well. That includes but isn't limited to a tablet, new cell phone or even a laptop. If the would be college student is moving into campus somewhere, and you want to think smaller scale then electronics, then bedding and furniture could easily move to the top of your list.
And don't be afraid to opt out of giving cash and instead lavish your loveable graduate with gift cards to stores they'll need to visit upon heading to college or into a career. Your college graduate undoubtedly is going to be heading out on plenty of job interviews so instead of getting them the ubiquitous "Resumes for Dummies" book, why not shower them with gift cards to stores that will allow them to stock up on professional work attire. Chances might be strong that they're short on suits, dresses or slacks that would suffice in a professional atmosphere.
Undoubtedly cash certainly is king when it comes to graduation gifts but that doesn't rule out an actual item as your gift of choice, as long as you select carefully and keep in mind that cute and sentimentality isn't always advised.

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