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Dad dilemma: Your father's attire is hard on the eyes, so help him fix it

Father's Day isn't far off, and your dad desperately needs a makeover.
You know it.
Your siblings know it.
Even mom is quick to admit dad's look is terribly outdated.
The only one that still believes his tube socks to the knee and skin tight jean shorts are perfectly acceptable is dear, old dad himself.

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So how exactly do you broach the subject with dad that he looks like he's stuck in the 1980s without hurting his feelings?
Maybe the key to helping give dad the makeover he so desperately deserves and needs is more about taking the initiative this Father's Day to start buying dad clothing and accessories from this decade, without even asking him first.
Your dad might not be the type that is interested in change, but perhaps this year's dad's day can be equal parts fashion intervention and holiday. Of course, dad may need a makeover but that should be entered into lightly with small changes in mind, and not turning your 40 or 50 something year old father into a model from Hollister or American Eagle.
Dad can't go from rocking high tops and cut off T shirts to something that is terribly too young for him or overly modern, but that doesn't mean you can't buy him a few items that are a happy medium from a clothing standpoint.
Instead of stocking dad up with more ugly ties, maybe try to find him a pair of cargo shorts and a polo shirt that would suggest Sunday afternoon shouldn't be about ripped shorts and his Van Halen T shirt every weekend.
If dad doesn't love the polo shirt per say, you can find him a few graphic T shirts or crew neck tops that aren't suggesting he's on his way to a concert 20 years too late. You'll also need to indirectly tell him that his sneakers and socks combination is causing big problems from a fashion standpoint, and you may want to invest in a nice pair of sandals, either the simple slip on ones from Nike or Reebok or something that straps over his feet for a more secure fit.
Who said dad's have to sacrifice style as they get older, add responsibility and become a family man? The idea that the man of the house has to look like the old man of the house is ludicrous, and it's up to the kids this Father's Day to put an end to unflattering clothing and start stocking dad with more than coffee mugs and power tools.
He may shrug his shoulders and opine about that new buzz saw he's had his eye on but ultimately you'll be giving him a gift that turns back the clock and proves that just a few touch ups for dad here and there will make a world of difference.

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