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Date and switch: Why you should rethink your first date plans

The first date is equal parts anxiety and excitement. You're about to perhaps meet your future significant other, so you want the night to be nothing short of perfection.
Planning exactly what you want to do often comes with very little creativity (i.e. the dinner, movie and drinks combination) or includes trying way to hard and coming across as awkward and terribly out of place given that it's the first time you're going out with this person.
Somewhere in between the obvious and the overblown lies date that is exactly what you want out of a first date.
Of course, going to dinner and spending time chatting afterward over drinks, either that the same place or somewhere different, certainly isn't all bad. It's safe and allows you to stay within your comfort zone since most people don't get too worked up from just eating.
But the place you choose is almost as important as remembering not to chew with your mouth open. What you don't want to do is plan on a restaurant that would be deemed as fast food oriented, even if you've convinced yourself that Subway hardly falls in that category. Another big mistake is the buffet, which might sound like a great eating spot after two hours at the gym but won't do much for the first date atmosphere.

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Another first date miss comes courtesy of the guy who can't help but arrange a date that shows off some sort of skill, even if it means the other person on the date is going to be terribly bored. If you've won trophies as a teenager for bowling, that doesn't mean your date wants to watch you achieve that 300 game you've always wanted. Bowling lends itself to more of a group dynamic, rather than a means to get to know someone better.
You have to think about the first date as a joint effort and an experience that both parties will ultimately enjoy. It's not about showing how awesome you are at baseball but rather communicating and asking question to truly find out about the other person and if you have anything in common with one another.
Other spots that seem like you should pass on as far as first dates are concerned are crowded spots like amusement parks or malls. The movies are a toss up. You have to pick something that you both are going to like, and perhaps a romantic comedy might be too suggestive at this stage of the game.
That's not to suggest that you should fret or over think the first date too much, but you should consider the planning as paramount to either securing a second date or not chalking up this experience as one of the worst of your dating career.

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