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Sun screened: Keep clothing choices safe and watch summer fashion sizzle

Summer is just as much about beaches, beautiful weather and vacation planning as it is protection.
Yes, of course, protecting yourself from the sun is first, foremost and most important, and implementing equal parts common sense, sunscreen and clothing should help shield you from anything from sunburn to more serious skin conditions.
Second to sun protection is protecting yourself from making a serious style mistake with what you're wearing when the weather turns warmer. Consumers tend to have a propensity to search out the latest and greatest fashion, whether it is something they see in a magazine, online or are following the same path as one of their favorite television superstars or celebrities.
That thinking certainly bodes well if you're able to "pull off" a particular look, but chances are that might not be quite as easy for a variety of reasons, mostly because you don't have thousands of dollars to spend on a few items.
Instead, you want to try to build a decent summer wardrobe for a modest amount of money, yet still create the look and feel that you're wearing clothes that are contemporary and stylish.

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When in doubt or if you don't have the budget to mirror the clothes you see within the pages of a fashion magazine, you can always rely on the staples that make summer sizzle.
For women, summer is about finding cute, fun dresses to wear out on a special dinner on a summer night with their significant other or perhaps dialing down the formal nature and finding a complimentary dress that is more for drinks out with the girls.
Finding those dresses doesn't have to equate to sleepless night surfing the internet or spending hundreds on each. The wondrous aspect of the summer dress is you can find something for around $50 that looks like something you'd see a Kardashian wearing for $500. Other staples to help you keep your summer style simple are dress shorts, plenty of white shirts and, most importantly, a penchant for adding splashes of color to just about anything you're wearing.
Guys might have a harder time pulling off the pastels, but women should seek out blues, purples and greens this year, and jean shorts aren't necessarily off limits, if worn correctly. Denim often is pushed to the back of the closet in the summer, but jean shorts, and their more eclectic cousin the denim overhauls, are making a slight comeback.
Contemporary fashion and looking like you're dressing from this decade always is important when you're shopping for any season, especially summer. But that doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your financial future for a summer ensemble that leaves little left over to actually enjoy June through August.
It's best to be patient in your shopping, check spots that no one else is thinking of like thrift stores, eBay and other second hand stores, and using the philosophy of simplicity when piecing together your wardrobe.

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