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Status no: Why dad deserves some creativity this Father's Day

Dad is no dummy. He has seen this year's Father's Day gift coming since last year.
That's because, more often than not, he's seen the same gift pushed under his nose since he became a dad.
A new tie. A crisp dress shirt for work. Maybe some socks to complete the ensemble.
Those gifts aren't bad per say but rather mundane and predictable.
Doesn't dad deserve better?

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So maybe your dad likes getting ties, shirts or socks, and that protocol isn't worth changing then so be it. But perhaps this year, you might want to throw dad a curve ball of sorts, and start thinking outside the box that his loafers usually are inside.
Father's day and summer go hand in hand, and why not give dad something he can use while he's lying by the beach. That's where Hapari comes into play with their exceptional men's swimwear. It's not only applicable for summer but highly stylish, and could give dad that fashion sense he's sorely missing.
If dad isn't nearby, that doesn't mean you have to miss out on Father's Day. Yiftee lets you tell you dad how much you love him with a gift sent to him directly.
Technology like Yiftee makes gift giving equal parts convenient and cool, and dad himself might be what you consider a technology geek. That means shopping for dad this year could include a new smart phone or tablet or perhaps something bigger: like a large, flat screen TV.
Let's say smaller is better for you budget this Father's Day, but dad doesn't have to know that you don't have a ton of extra cash on hand for him. Dad can spruce up his office with Fodeez Frames, since they're reusable picture frames that also are dry erase boards. Bheestie also comes to the forefront of your gift giving to help dad and his electronics running at their best and eliminates moisture getting into any and all of your gadgets.
And if you're dad is a sports junkie, fill the void with live event tickets or even a lesson or two at a sport that loves, like golf. CoachUp is a fantastic place to start. This service allows you to find the perfect golf coach and teacher in your area.
Dad certainly will appreciate shaving off a few strokes from his game, but more importantly he'll hold a special place in his heart for his kids, the ones who decided that he had enough accessories for his wardrobe and decided to give him something he really wants.
And, something that might just bring a smile to his face.

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