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Traveling bland: How to travel through airport without the stress

Once Memorial Day comes and goes, travel plans and summer vacations come to the forefront. While most individuals and families alike love the idea of the destination itself but aren't exactly excited or enamored with everything that goes into the planning, preparation and execution, more specifically dashing through the airport and dodging the counters, baggage claims and anything else that gets in your way.
But the airport doesn't have to be a point of contention and consternation when it comes to travel. Ensuring a smooth trip to the airport starts from the time you decide to leave your house to the moment you begin boarding for your flight.
Maybe the easiest advice before heading to the airport is the simplest: prepare accordingly.
Far too often the so called expert traveler tries to implement one too many shortcuts when it comes to packing liquids in clear bags and making sure they're less than 3 ounces total. In short, if the item you're thinking about packing is on the list of things you shouldn't pack, then why exactly would you consider it in the first place? The final piece of the packing puzzle is choosing a suitcase that is too big to be considered carry on, and having to be "that person" holding up everyone else by trying to cram that suitcase into a spot that obviously doesn't fit.
In addition to packing, you want to wear clothing to the airport that is lose, comfortable but also devoid of accents that would likely set off security. There's nothing wrong with rocking a sun dress or sweat pants if it means whipping through the security scan unscathed. This also includes not wearing jewelry, that larger than life belt buckle and donning a jacket that can be slipped on and off easily in addition to not being littered with metals that make life miserable getting through a checkpoint.

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No matter where you are in the airport, you always want to have what you need readily accessible. Nothing is quite as frustrating as fumbling through your pockets or purse trying to find ID or other important travel pieces that are lodged between your lipstick and last piece of gum. You should plan ahead and know what you'll need for each line, and maybe opt for a smaller carrying case for these items.
And speaking of carrying cases, what about that tablet or laptop?
Make sure for your sake that it is in a case that is sturdy and safe, since it most likely will be scanned, tossed and tumbled like other pieces of luggage.
The airport is undoubtedly going to be busy for the bulk of the summer, but your experience isn't so much predicated on the other travelers as much as it is how well you've thought ahead for this particular trip.

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