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Selfie involved: Why the selfie isn't all bad all the time

Have you ever taken a selfie?
If you don't know what that term means, then chances are you haven't. But if you have, then you certainly aren't alone.
The selfie might be just as popular as the standard photo, if not more so. Something about flipping the camera to take a quick snapshot of yourself has taken social media, photography and sharing by storm when it comes to posting just about every possible visual scenario on the internet.
The selfie takes plenty of criticism, no matter if you're a celebrity who simply can't help but show the world everything you do during every minute of the day or a regular guy or gal that's home cooking on the grill and want your head next to those perfectly made burgers.
In some instances, the selfie deserves everything it deserves. The selfie is self indulgent and involved, and comes across as showcasing a "look at me attitude" more so than actually trying to be sincere, at least for the most part.

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The birth of the selfie is directly related to the rise of the smart phone with its unique camera options in addition to the prominence of social media as it relates to allowing anyone and everyone with the chance to have their proverbial "15 minutes of fame."
In general, the selfie is about telling anyone willing to listen, and even those who aren't, that what you're doing at this exact moment is worth seeing. For celebrities, it is a lot of posturing and pontificating rather than affability. Sometimes, the famous surprise you. They'll take photos of themselves hugging their kids or enjoying something like a birthday party or backyard get together. Those pictures feel like they come from the heart and aren't necessarily gloating. If Nick Lachey wants to post a picture of he and his son on Father's Day, that hardly ranks as annoying or egoism at its worst. Famous new dads are equally proud papas, and the same could be said for moms, too.
In that situation, selfies hardly seem hard to see.
Where the selfie starts to sag a bit is when the photos are nothing more than bragging or uselessness in picture. The selfie that shows you in your new Wal Mart smock in front of a bathroom mirror hardly qualifies as newsworthy. Even the celebrity selfies that are highly questionable and gratuitous shouldn't see the light of day. Everyone knows you're famous, so what's the point of shoving your celebrity in our face?
That means no shameless shots of your expensive cars or litany of houses or bikini bods that none of us likely will ever have.
The next time you decide to turn around the camera and expose whatever you believe to be is important enough to share with the rest of humanity, think about if it truly is worthwhile to the masses and not just a self imposed ego trip fro the rest of us to see.

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