Life changer: Can new Coke 'flavor' breathe life into brand?

06/18/14 by Rennie Detore

The old adage and marketing campaign that decreed "Coke is It" might need reworked just a bit.
Coca Cola is nowhere in danger of going bankrupt by any means, but the company undoubtedly is always looking for the "next big thing" to stay current with not only its fellow soda contenders but also the myriad and multitude of flavored waters, energy drinks and anything else that pushes and shoves within the confines of the crowded beverage marketplace.
With that Coca Cola isn't about to rest on its laurels or name value and instead is always looking to add life to its product line any chance it gets.

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And this time, they mean that literally.
Coca Cola is reportedly been testing a new product, the aptly titled "Coke Life," overseas and in other countries, although the company isn't ready to have this new version of Coke, and its hard to miss green can, in the United States.
Coca Cola is staying relatively mum on the new Coke Life, although you have to wonder if the public relations team isn't enjoying that pictures of the new Coke can are surfacing on the internet and leaking to other mainstream media outlets.
Coke Life actually seems poised to breath new life into Coca Cola and, if nothing else, address two concerns consumers have when it comes to regular soda and diet options. Aspartame, the artificial sweetener found in most diet drinks, has long come under scrutiny for its questionable genetic makeup and if it ultimately causes cancer in the long term and actually leads to weight gain in the shorter term.
Coke Life is sweetened with Stevia, marketed as a natural sweetener to the masses.
In addition to Coke Life being sold to customers as an alternative to artificial sweeteners, the new product also has less calories than its original Coke predecessor. This is especially paramount to parents when it comes to kids and sugary beverages, in addition to adults who are trying to cut back on calories but aren't interested in diet drinks, either.
Those behind the trademark red and white Coca Cola colors, and now green apparently, will make sure Coke Life is tested and then tested again before it hits the always coveted United States market so that the new drink is poised to succeed, rather than quickly become an afterthought or botched attempt at creativity (yes, remember Crystal Pepsi).
For now, the thought of a Coca Cola product that addresses health concerns without sacrificing taste seems like a recipe for an already successful operation.

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