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Star of the show: Star Wars easily reigns as top toy brand

Plenty of superb, top notch toy brands can stake their claim as the best in the business based on a multitude of reasons: sales, popularity, longevity and expansion into other forums like movies and television.
But perhaps none are quite as lucrative and iconic as Star Wars.
George Lucas, creator of the "Star Wars," dreamed up what would become the most famed and fortuitous "galaxy far, far away" more than 30 years ago, and not even Lucas thought his idea would eventually transform into its own billion dollar industry.
The movies are money makers above and beyond what anyone would have predicted, but the real cash cow is the merchandising and toys that came from the idea first and the movies thereafter.
From action figures to costumes and everything in between, Star Wars is a winner in every facet of its existence. Disney, another marquee player in the toy business, took notice of the allure of Star Wars and purchased Lucasfilm a few years ago for the lump sum of four billion dollars.

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Disney recently reported that the most popular toy on the Star Wars docket is the light saber, which sells about 10 million units per year. Disney also is expecting a surge in the toy sales leading up to the newest movie in the Star Wars series: "Episode VIII," which is due out in December of 2015.
Like most Star Wars movies prior, the lines heading into the theater undoubtedly will be wrapped around the building, and the plethora of die hard fans certainly will be dressed in the garb and costumes that made the storied franchise a fan favorite.
If you look closely at that line, you'll see adults dressed as any number of the famed characters from Yoda to Darth Vader and maybe even a few daring wives donning the Princess Leia, and those parents will be waiting with baited breath to introduce their kids to the movies that they loved growing up.
And that's what make Star Wars the type of movie and toys that never will truly go away. The story is one of prosperity and redemption, and those attributes transcend cinema and flow over into the toy marketplace. The toys created for kids to play with allow children to recreate the magic they've seen on television, whether they're wielding light sabers with a sibling or readying their Storm Troopers for battle.
Knowing that, it's not hard to understand why Star Wars isn't going to lose its luster any time soon.

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