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Odd jobs: Make that second job one that is worthwhile

Money might not grow on trees, but a little yard work might put some green in your pockets this summer if you're in the market for a part time job.
If you're like most people, that single income just isn't cutting it these days. Mounting bills and additional expenses that perhaps you haven't accounted for in your budget has pushed you to the realization that you're spending more than you actually make.
You wouldn't be the first person to come to this conclusion or to start looking online or through the want ads for a second job.
Typically, the search for another job on top of the one you already have for 40 or more hours per week only begins if you've exhausted all your other options when it comes to being financially smart. Perhaps you've canceled your cable, lowered that cell phone bill or stopped spending extra cash on clothing or eating out at restaurants. Even with those changes, you're still on the wrong side of the ledger when you balance your checkbook.
With that, it's time for job number two.

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In a perfect world, you want to look for an evening or weekend job that fits into your lifestyle as well as you can expect given that there's only so many hours in the day. You also want to consider travel time and location when choosing a second job. For example, if you finish up the first part of your day at 5 in the evening, you probably want to find a job that at least is close to your home if possible so you can have at least few minutes to change, shower and perhaps rest a few minutes.
That convenience isn't always possible, so you might want to skip the second job at the mall or as a waiter or waitress and instead think about taking advantage of the weather, warm or cold, and find seasonal work with landscapers or those who cut grass professionally. Snow removal also could be something that fits into your plans a little better than punching in or out somewhere. Plenty of people have made enough extra cash just walking through their neighborhood and asking around if anyone needs any yard work or snow shoveling done. Those outdoor activities can be done on your own or again as part of a company that is always looking for able bodied men and women to help out when business is booming.
From booming to blooming, things will start looking up for you financially when you start making extra money as long as you're able to do so on your terms and without adding additional stress to your daily routine.

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